April 30, 2020 north korea president missing

“Our beloved leader, Kim Jong-un, suddenly died during an inspection”: The DPRK released a resonant video, panic began

Resonant information regarding the death of North Korean President Kim Jong-un has been continued in the media. Now the DPRK media is incredibly speeding up this topic, as DAILY NK writes, which was one of the first to report problems with the North Korean leader. Thus, the material says that in the North Korea region, which borders China, a video began to circulate, stating that North Korean President Kim Jong-un has died. In turn, the state authorities are trying in every possible way to find out how this video could have penetrated the country.

A source in the province of Phenan Pucto on Monday said: “This video“it looks like it was shown on North Korea’s central television, and it got into the state through China.” The source said: “The video says that the DPRK leader suddenly died on the spot during the inspection.”

The video, which is about five minutes long, shows the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in the background, and reads as follows: “Our beloved North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has passed away.” In turn, the authorities stepped up efforts to identify who is behind the appearance of the video, which could lead to a social problem.

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