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If you love the results of foot care tools, but lament that you have to bend over while using them,

AUTOMATIC FOOT EXFOLIATORmay be a product for you.

With suction cups on the bottom, it can be attached to the ground and the product features a rolling buffer that can be turned on with the touch of a toe.


  • Massaging Relief: The first benefit to this device is that it provides you with massaging relief in the process of removing dead skin cells and the like from your skin surface. You can just sit back as relax as the Step Pedi does its job. With this product, you can finally get the full support that you need for healthy, exfoliated, and well taken care of feet.
  • Beautiful Feet: When you use the Step Pedi on a regular basis, you’ll be able to enjoy from beautiful feet. You’ll no longer need to hide your feet when you go out or to close your fit up in clunky shoes. You can finally visit the beach and go out in those strappy heels that you love so much. The Step Pedi is a great solution for all men and women looking for an optimal and easy to use device for healthier and better feet.
  • Waterproof: The product is completely waterproof. You can use it in the shower or tub and receive the full results that you expect.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Powdered by: 3 AAA Battery (not included)




  1. Keith James

    Product does what it supposed to do

  2. Jonathan Thompson

    These were a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. She said it is so much easier than using a pomace stone. She likes the fact that they are wireless and she can bring them in the shower. She told me that instead of using the pomace daily she can get the same result using this once a week. I’ve noticed that her feet are much softer. I highly recommend these.

  3. Kelly Adams

    This tool really works as advertised. My heels had gotten to the point that they were painful to walk on. I was on the verge of making an appointment with a podiatrist when I found this callus remover. The results I have gotten by using as directed are actually much better than I expected. After only a week of use, the calluses are gone along with the pain and I anticipate once a week use for maintenance of my now comfortable feet. Thank you

  4. Barbara Foster

    What a fabulous product – love it

  5. Angela Diaz

    Well packaged, includes everything you need – even a carrying case. TIP#1: Must be kept charged, but when charged the motor is strong and gets the job done. TIP #2: Let the rotating head do the work, there’s no need to apply extra pressure – it wont remove dry skin faster if you slow the head down by pressing hard.

  6. Judy Ramirez

    Excellent product. Better than all other brands. highly recommend.

  7. Janice Perez

    This product does a wonderful job. Its very easy to use and the charge lasts much longer than I expected. Be very careful and dont stay in one spot too long or apply to much pressure as it is very efficient. Customer service is superb. Highly recommend.

  8. Tina Scott

    Well I’m well impressed. I saw reviews for this product and most people were pleased. Yes it’s definitely more powerful. I used it on my sons heels which became very smooth after one use. My husband was the problem. He had very hard skin around his big toe which would have required a drill to go through!!, after 2 uses there was a 90% improvement. After use I recommend the flexitol balm. It moisturises well. Buy it!

  9. Annie Torres

    After using this I now would definitely say that it is the best on the market and is the dogs dangly bits of a machine. Overall though it is a super duper callus/hard skin remover. I would hope it will last a while for the price but does seem to be very well made and I can also see spare rollers so no problems there if you need rollers.
    I find that the supplied rollers are fine for a mans hard skin and I wouldn’t think anyone would want the coarse rollers.
    I think the coarse rollers would be far too abrasive for even the hardest of skin.
    As I say for the price I hope they will last a long time. I have given 5 stars all round as I think this is worth it.

  10. Sandra Perry

    I have used a different make for a few years and decided it was time to get a new one as I seemed to go through batteries very quickly. I saw this product used rechargeable batteries and had good reviews so gave it a go.
    It arrived in a sturdy box complete with a little cleaning brush and USB charger. I charged it overnight and tried it the following day. It seems more powerful than my previous hard skin remover and soon made quick work of my crusty bits. The handle is rounded in shape and is comfortable to hold as it sits well in the hand.
    The micro diamond roller seems to be very effective and after a quick brush it appeared to be as good as new. I’m hopeful it will be much longer lasting than the micro mineral ones used with my previous machine.
    I did not have a lot of dead skin to remove but a quick whiz round and an application of foot cream and I was good to go.

  11. Denise Rogers

    Trust me….buy it! Don’t hesitate and don’t bother with other brands. Mine arrived Saturday and must confess both heels needed major attention and then got cracking Sunday no pun intended. I used 3 times on the first day, moisturizing heavily after each time. Have used once once since and have to say by day 3 they are very close to brand new! Another week few days of usage and they will be Immediately soft and smooth. Delighted. Excellent product. Just what I needed. Wish i’d bought ages ago! Get one, and ignore anyone who suggests this isn’t heavy duty enough to tackle bad situations. It is, just be patient, follow pre and post usage instructions for best results. I would say its great it comes with spare refill rollers, as I think I’ll be replacing soon. Once in maintenance mode, I would expect them to last decent amount of time.

  12. Norma Brooks

    I am so impressed with this product.
    As well as the callous remover, the box includes an instruction manual, 2 spare roller heads, a charger and a brush for cleaning the device.

    I felt so self conscious about my feet as they were so dry and cracked.
    Using the callus remover was painless and it was actually very satisfying to see little dust clouds of dry skin coming off of my feet (lol).

    Using this has removed the majority of dead skin on my feet in just one session. 🙂 Summer is almost here and I can finally wear sandals and wedges without the worry of people seeing and judging my feet 🙂

    WORTH EVERY PENNY! 🙂 thanks 🙂

    NOTE~If you’re still doubting buying it. My feet feel and look so soft. I’m so pleased 🙂

  13. Jessica Kelly

    At least a thousand percent better than Amope, doesn’t stop when you apply slight pressure. I wear flip-flop about 98% of the time, year round, and have terrible calusus on my feet and this is perfect.

  14. Gloria Bryant

    I want to share something! My mom was in the hospital for two months and a a result her feet got really bad and dry. Finally she is home and I was only able to give her about a 3 minute treatment before her feet were ticklish!! Wow thank you so much.

  15. Andrea Campbell

    my heels were a mess this is what happened when I got my remover: came with 3 rollers one was in unit. My callus was real bad and cracks were deep. I worked on one foot a day for a week and I have not had to change the roller. I an so happy I have this because my feet have not looked this good for a long time. I do the whole foot because as soon as I started using it I could feel other callus areas. Be very careful that you don’t go to deep all at once because I made a sore stop when I was working on one of the deep cracks. Also if your feet are very dry be sure to put lotion on . Good luck and you will not be disappointed..

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