Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System


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Instructional How to Use Video: How to Use
Package Includes:
FreeStyle Optium Neo meter, Step-by-step set up guide, 50 Test strips, a Carry Case, a Lancing device, 50 Lancets, USB Cable

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Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

Insulin Support Tools At Your Fingertips

Introducing the FreeStyle Optium Neo System, with a choice of support tools especially designed for people on insulin. Finally a meter that’s as easy or as useful as you want it to be!

Key Features

  • Accurate blood glucose & blood ketone^ testing
  • Trend indicators highlight when your blood glucose patterns need attention
  • Insulin logging helps you track your insulin doses
  • Clear, sharp screen is icon driven & easy to read even in direct sunlight
  • No chip or coding required
  • Fast 5 second test time
  • Small blood sample required  0.6 µl
  • Individually foil-wrapped strips protect from air & moisture, are convenient to store & carry3
  • Meets current  ISO 15197:2013 system accuracy standards
  • FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo compatible – download up to 1000 events & print or email reports

Owner’s Manual

Instructional How to Use Video: How to Use

FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software

Your Guide To More Support

Simply download the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software by clicking here. The software will then automatically begin the installation process. Connect the yellow USB cable to your FreeStyle Optium Neo and your computer to download your meter results.

FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System
FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

Available Reports

Snapshot – Overview of blood glucose trends

Modal Day – Spot trends by time of day

Daily Log – shows all blood glucose results & other values such as insulin doses or blood ketone results.

More reports are available when enabled by your healthcare professional.

To View or Print Results

  • On the MENU page click Create Reports.
  • Tick the box next to the reports you want to view or print.
  • Choose the timeframe you want to show the data for, using the dropdown box or by entering a custom range.
  • Click Print Reports or View Reports on the screen.
  • If Print Reports is selected, all pages for the selected timeframe will be printed. To limit the amount of prints adjust the time period.

Save as a PDF

  • You can also save the report as a PDF which you can send as an email attachment to your healthcare professional.

Owner’s Manual


  1. Step-by-step set up guide
  2. 50 Test strips
  3. FreeStyle Optium Neo meter
  4. Carry Case
  5. Lancing device
  6. 50 Lancets
  7. USB Cable


  • Introducing the New FreeStyle Lancing Device
  • Level 1 shallowest, Level 5 deepest
  • Patented comfort zone technology proved to reduce pain without impeding blood flow
  • Ejector help user remove lancet
  • Alternate site testing cap available
  • Uses Abbott Thin Lancets and FreeStyle Lancets



Once the software has installed, you arrive on the MENU page.

Connect your meter and click Create Reports

  1. Tick the box next to the reports you want to view or print.
  2. Choose the timeframe you want to show data for, using the dropdown box or by entering a custom range.
  3. Click Print Reports or View Reports on the screen.


The report appears on the screen automatically.
To select other reports go Back

You can also save the report as a PDF, which you can send as an email attachment to your healthcare professional.

Choose where you want to save your report, give it a name and click Save


Connect your meter and click Create Reports

Tick the box next to the reports you want to print then click Print Reports


All pages for the selected timeframe will be printed. To limit the number of prints, adjust the timeframe period.

You can also print a report directly when it is displayed on the screen.

66 reviews for Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

  1. Roy White

    Fast shipping. Everything is included.

  2. Linda Price

    I will order again for my mom because it was good.

  3. Angela Perry

    Thanks very much for your cooperation and I hope to purchase with you again soon

  4. Wayne Jenkins

    very satisfied with the price

  5. Colleen Erickson


  6. Mely Ramirez

    Great product. In Colombia, such a device is not yet available. Ketones need to be measured in the laboratory. This one has blood drops-the readings are quite correct. Shipping 20 days. Customs here made some boxes gutted, crushed. But everything is in place. Expensive, of course, but if necessary, take it. I recommend

  7. Andrew Adams

    Delivery is fast, less than 2 weeks, packed well, when checking everything works, everything is clear, I recommend the product and the seller

  8. Tammy Barnes

    thank you for introducing this device to me

  9. Joan Wilson


  10. Omar Vega

    The Meter I have is a FreeStyle Optium. I find it easy to set up and use. I use it once a week to take 3-4 readings during the day. The screen is clear and easy to read and I find this excellent tool.

  11. Sean Bell

    Everything is super! What I was looking for. And much cheaper in cost. The instruction was easy to understand itself. I recommend. Fast shipping

  12. Patricia Watson

    good device but am tired of piercing fingers

  13. Suzanne Rice

    I mainly use the meter for blood glucose. I am getting more interested in going into ketosis so am looking @ ketone strips as well. Cannot review since I have not used it. I do suggest when testing blood to gently tap the end of the test strip rather than leaving the finger on it constantly. GENTLY. It has worked for me.

    Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System
  14. Ernest Moore

    I would rate this very high . The best thing about this is that there is no more finger testing .it is so easy to yous and so much quicker . Very happy with it .

  15. Anne Walker

    Fine does the job

  16. Joseph Lewis

    We have found the FreeStyle product to be an excellent tool in helping us manage our son’s type 1. It’s so easy and non invasive which is great as he can check himself discretely without drawing attention to himself.

  17. Harold Torres

    it is good to help with your bg and with your ketone. i have be use it for my ketone.

  18. Henry Morris

    Very convenient, accurate and easy to use

  19. Kenneth Collins

    very good machine

  20. Mary Reese

    Pretty much the best meter I’ve had – simple to use, small and discrete

  21. Kelly Jackson

    I am very happy with my device. This is what i want for my diabetes management

  22. Ronald Phillips


  23. William Adams

    Served me well.

  24. Dale Hernandez

    Es muy preciso pero funciona distinto a otros que tuve y me costo un poco aprender a leerlo

  25. Theresa Griffin


  26. Norma Russell

    to be honest i only use the meter for my ketones but i think its fab and always accurate.

  27. Earl Cooper

    Very easy to use

  28. Julia Richardson

    i love it

  29. Paul Jenkins

    A good day to use meter

  30. Patrick Gonzales

    Good customs

  31. Kristy Guerrero

    Brought it for my father in law as he lost his. He had an older model, but he likes this one better because of its more accurate.

    Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System
  32. Brenda Wilson

    The design is light weighted and handy to travel with. It has a fast result in checking blood sugar. The screen where the sugar result appears has a large display. Display is wonderland for the touch screen display and indicator for high and low.

  33. Paula Harris

    Hello. I am ok with my FreeStyle Optium Neo meter. It is quite useful.

  34. April Ramirez

    I like the fact that it is so light, gives very accurate readings and its other helpful features. Sometimes I find it difficult to open the testing strip foil especially if im having a hypo and im a bit shaky; and all that packaging seems rather wasteful. Other than that it’s a brilliant meter and im very happy with it.

  35. Teresa Coleman

    Easy to use monitor

  36. Clarence Patterson

    This meter has been excellent, small and handy to carry about. Not had any problems.

  37. Neville Musser

    good readout easy to see put in test strip and it’s ready about 3seconds

  38. Kalyn Denham

    I love it as I can check both my glucose levels and my ketone levels, for me with yoyo levels this is very important. I have had a few episodes of DKA, my meter has enabled me to go to hospital before it has a devastating effect on my health.

  39. Earlie Borders

    I love this meter, it’s so easy to use, and logs my insulin doses. I’ve had a few different meters over the years but this optimum neo is definitely one of my favourites

  40. Janay Sanford

    Great meter which is light, maybe not as compact as others however I am not bothered. Fantastic tailoring ability such as insulin management and recording as this helps professionals see what you are doing. This has helped me get my HbA1c down from 158 to 58! The only criticism I have is not be able to read it well in the dark. Other machines have some sort of backlight, where as the ego is dark and requires me to use an alternative light source. This is a pain when my partner is asleep and I have to test for what ever reason.

  41. Kenna Fortin

    Love this machine really easy to use and my bloods show me if I’m going lower than low it’s a great machine

  42. Margarett Farrar

    I chose this meeting because it does both BG and Ketones. On the plus side it is compact and easy to download historical readings. On the negative side, the test strips come individually wrapped (over-packaged) and don’t always register when inserted into the meter: they have to be wiggled around. I have had the meter for 6 months and already needed to replace the battery – this seems a short battery life but I do not know how old the original batteries were when I got the meter. It was not clear that the batteries were running low.

  43. Blanca Ray

    Just received it from my practice diabetic nurse last week. It is nice and light and easy to use.

  44. Lorine Manson

    The meter is lightweight and has a clear display. I’m not a great fan of bleeps on meters as sometimes you want a discreet test and the Optimum Neo is silent on the down side there is no light. The best feature of the Neo is the integration with the Freestyle software which allows you to create your own log books and a really handy summary report to discuss with your healthcare nurse or GP. I would recommend the Optimum Neo as the testing is consistent and easy to use and is good at producing trends.

  45. Arron Pryor

    It’s nice and big and clear display and it’s great that can be printed off the computer nice and compact

  46. Sharyn Doan

    This meter is very easy to use, clear to see results and the computer software makes it clear to see patterns and results over a length of time. The reason it has 4 stars instead of 5 is that occasionally the readings are inaccurate, I think this is in the stages of low battery (sometimes before it realises the battery is low). So if you are mindful of this it can be a great reader.

  47. Jaye England

    My newly diagnosed 16 year old uses this and it is brilliant. I am telling everyone about it and encouraging others to use it – it’s the best thing ever. We’re not rich, but have chosen to fund this. It seems wrong that not everyone can have one. It’s cheaper than the finger pricking system AND I believe the health outcomes must be better, as the change in my son’s HbA1C was astonishing, when we had the right data. I want everyone who needs it to be able to have this -how do I help this to happen?

  48. Gene Hawkins

    meter is very easy to use and quick with the results, only ever had 1 error reading and i use it 4 – 5 times a day. only problem i found was with the lancing pen, case keeps cracking making it awkward to do the finger prick. gone through 3 already.

  49. Brandon Scott

    Haven’t had this meter very long but so far so good easy to use, nice large screen, small and compact. A nice little meter all round

  50. Sharon Austin

    I really love using this read in conjunction with my Libre system. I keep my Libre in a waterproof case so find it quicker and easier to use my Optium Neo (which I keep with my test strips/needles/lancets etc) to test my glucose before I drive or if I want to double check my Libre result or my Libre is being faulty. It is thin and compact, but best of all uses the same strips as the Libre. The main downside and surprise with this device, is that it doesn’t have the calculator function that both the Libre and Insulinx readers have. I was very surprised by this because, it surely has the computational power for this, just hasn’t been included in the software for some reason? So in summary I really like the reader (especially its size/form) and use it regularly to supplement my Libre, but it would certainly be more useful to me if it had the calculator function. Maybe this is something that can be changed in the future?

  51. Josh Hill

    Easy to use and very compact.

    Abbott FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System
  52. Claude Weaver

    Love it all it needs in a back light so you can see it in the dark

  53. Walter Matthews

    Very good device and excellent read outs to

  54. Jessie James

    it seems to give different readings to the ones in hospital by 2 units why is this

  55. Louise Padilla

    very quick and easy to use

  56. Jason Santos

    Good meter,but I need more blood glucose strips .How can I get it?

  57. Archie Clark

    Good meter only issue is strips require too much blood compared to other meters

  58. Olivia Douglas

    I like the meter. It’s easy to use and read and relative straightforward. I like the little arrows that light up when my sugars are high and low (they’re not helpful but they’re fun). I strongly dislike the case. It’s the wrong size for the strips! The cases for all of my previous Freestyle/Abbott/Medisense meters have all been able to fir a row of strips in without having to fold them. Not the case for this case (no pun intended). The strips are also faffy. I use this in combination with a Bayer Counter Next Link and I like the fact the strips are in a pot for that, it produces a lot less waste! Not to do with the meter per se but I love the finger pricker!

  59. Josefina Hart

    Quite easy to use. And you can check your ketones as well, which is very good

  60. Julie Fowler

    Functionally the meter is good in that is measures blood sugar and ketones. The downsides are 1) temperamental to weather more so than other meters 2) test strips are individually wrapped in foil. This can make getting a test strip out awkward – especially if having a hypo 3) with the foil there is a lot of unnecessary junk to dispose of after each test. Not helpful if away from home environment

  61. Maxine Waters

    i have been a diabetic now for 3 months i was given my meter at the hospital it is so easy to use and it is so reliable,i have not even had to change the battery yet

  62. Eula Murphy

    I find the strips don’t always connect with the meter without you giving it your full attention, which when hypo always doesn’t work. Then get error message and have to start again! What I really dislike is the fact you need to be in good light to see the meter, if trying to do it a night, you have to have a light on, to read the screen, which with my old meter I never did. It is light to carry though.

  63. Wilma Terry

    This glucose meter is so easy to use and accurate. Recommended

  64. Domingo Strickland

    I love that this meter is so compact and easy to use. However I tend to get error messages quite regularly which can be annoying.

  65. Penny Caldwell

    Overall I feel that the FreeStyle Optium Neo is a good meter. I really like how you can record how many units of insulin you have injected for meals and at night time. I have an insulin pen where I can inject in half units so I would find it really useful if I could record half units too. Sometimes I inject at other times of the day (ie when having a snack) so it would be helpful if I could record those extra injections too. But other than that I am happy with it 🙂

  66. Wade Wheeler

    I absolutely love this meter! I have tried so many in the past but the ability for this meter to use ketone strips and BM strips as well as them individually sealed is a big plus for me. Also the fact that the meter reads to a nice low range is great as I have a significant HYPO problem and pairing the FreeStyle Optimum Neo with my Dexcom helps gain extra control.

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