DIY Home and Business Security System Kit GSM 3G/4G WiFi S6 Titan Deluxe by Fortress Security Store


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  • Easy DIY installation with pre-programmed devices
  • No monthly monitoring fees and contracts
  • Connects to a landline, Wi-Fi, or cellular signal
  • Scalable and flexible components
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NEW S6 Titan Security System with GSM 3G/4G & WiFi

The Fortress S6 Titan Security System offers a peace of mind that only our most advanced system can. Wi-Fi camera compatibility for viewing in real time, smart phone application for remote access anywhere, and the ability to have 24-hour professional monitoring. We provide exceptional technicians to assist 7 days a week to ensure your satisfaction. We back our products. There is no better way to get total security in the palm of your hand.

by Fortress Security Store

All the functions of a high-end alarm monitoring system without the monthly fees! NEW GSM 3G/4G Panel for Home and Business Security- Wireless Do-It-Yourself Home and Business Securityby Fortress Security Store

NEW completely wireless system with built-in 3G/4G GSM dialer. Activates siren then dials your phone or sends a text message in case of intrusion

by Fortress Security Store

Simply connect the unit to your FREE Pre-installed GSM SIM card (activation required) and enter up to 6 contact numbers into the system

by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store

Remote monitoring. Call the system anytime and check status, remotely arm or disarm the alarm and use the intercom function

by Fortress Security Store

FREE mobile app for iPhone and Android phones so you can control your system from anywhere with your smartphone

by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store by Fortress Security Store


  • Power: Micro-USB 5V, 1A Internal battery backup
  • 433 MHz wireless frequency
  • ~150 ft. wireless range
  • GSM SIM card slot (850MHz / 1900MHz)
  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n

This Security Alarm Kits Includes: 

  • 1 X S6 Titan 3G/4G GSM & WiFi Main Panel
  • 3 X Window/Door Contacts
  • 3 X Passive infrared motion detectors
  • 1 X 1080p Live Feed Night Vision Camera
  • 3 X Remote control keyfobs
  • 1 X Loud indoor plug-in strobe siren
  • 1 x Panic Button
  • 2 x RFID key tags

395 reviews for DIY Home and Business Security System Kit GSM 3G/4G WiFi S6 Titan Deluxe by Fortress Security Store

  1. Taylor Ross

    Easy to set up and easy to use.
    I remember reading someones comment on knowing when to replace the batteries in the sensor units.
    I now know when to change them.
    Each sensor unit has a red LED. This LED comes on momentarily when the sensor is activated. The led glows dim and stays on when the battery needs to be replaced.

    This alarm is very easy to use. Be sure to order this one, The less expensive one has a display that is not so user friendly.

  2. Darnell Hays

    Got a basic GSM (cell-phone-based) system with motion detector, two door/window sensors, a (really loud) indoor siren, two remotes, and a panic button. Went to the company’s website (, and downloaded the pdf user manual dated November 2013 (in blue box at left). It’s 80-something pages, but there’s very little on each page. That made a huge difference when I went to install it, because the instructions that came in the box weren’t nearly as good. It took a few hours, but that’s partly because there are “customizable options” that allow you, for instance, to only sound the indoor alarm when a door sensor is activated, not the motion sensor. (My door sensor is on the screen door, so if it’s opened, the alarm goes off and hopefully discourages the thief from breaking into the house. If they’re already inside–where the motion sensor detects them–I don’t want them to know I’m aware of their presence.) SIM card is from an AT&T cheapie cell phone (I think it was $5) on a plan that costs $25 for 3 months and includes 250 minutes. You can also use the unit as a speaker phone (and it has a plug that I think allows you to use a regular phone, but I haven’t tried it yet), so you have the option of using some of those minutes to just talk. Once I got everything configured, it worked just as it should. There are some limitations (for instance, when a sensor is activated and the unit calls you, you can opt to “listen in” through a microphone to hear if someone’s actually in your house, but the only mike is on the unit–which may not be near where the intruders are), but it otherwise seems pretty well thought out.

  3. Royce Murillo

    The reason I am giving two starts:
    Two of the sensors keep give false alarm, I was woke up during mid night. Um…
    Otherwise it’s a great product — I mean, I would be.

  4. Scottie Russo

    Like it! I had to go around a couple of times and re-program a few of the individual sending units to signify the correct location, and delay time where needed, but it works great.

  5. Boyce Marshall

    Descent unit! instruction was lame, installation was good. did not have a connection of outside siren. easy to program and setup. Calling and Camera feature was good.

  6. Claudia Malone

    This alarm system works as advertised if you’re willing to put in some time learning how to configure it and setting it up. Here are some tips:

    1. When something triggers the alarm, the control panel will tell you which zone the alert was from, but not which exact sensor. So, to make troubleshooting false alarms easier, I highly recommend configuring your zones something like this:
    Zone 1: Upstairs doors
    Zone 2: Upstairs windows
    Zone 3: Upstairs other (motion detector, smoke alarm, etc)
    Zone 4: Downstairs doors
    Zone 5: Downstairs windows
    Zone 6: Downstairs other
    Zone 7-9 currently unused
    Zone 10: SOS (panic buttons, etc)

    2. Two of the door/window sensors I received were defective. They do not consistently transmit the same code. When programming in a new sensor, the main panel will show you the serial number/code transmitted by that sensor. Two of the door/window sensors registered more than one code each, which caused inconsistent results.

    3. After getting everything programmed and set up, I recommend testing every sensor twice. Arm the system, trip the sensor, confirm it sets off the alarm, disarm the system, repeat with next sensor.

    4. The range on the sensors is pretty impressive and was more than enough to cover our large-ish two story house, but if you have a really big house, or lots of R/F interference, or thick walls (e.g., concrete), you may need some signal repeaters to cover the whole place.

  7. Rolando Solomon

    Very easy to setup and works well. Customer support was really prompt.

  8. Dan Griffin

    I bought one (from MiniStore247) for a Christmas gift, and after installing it, bought a second one for myself (directly from Fortress), they sold it bit expensive. Both times, the systems arrived very quickly. Now, my neighbor is buying one after looking at the capabilities of mine. CONS: The outdoor siren requires an electrical outlet to operate, unlike the indoor siren (which plugs into the control panel). The length and configuration of the power cable on the outdoor siren needs to be changed. The audio quality of the control panel is poor; the message that you can record is difficult to understand. The texting option with a separate SIM card does work well, however. The key fobs are made of lightly constructed plastic and seem somewhat flimsy. PROS: As many others have stated, EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you Michael Hofeditz! ( If only all businesses AND GOVERNMENT were so concerned about their customers, this would be an excellent world.) Very good system for the money and easy to install. Sirens are loud and sensors are responsive.

  9. Todd Taylor

    Easy setup and no monthly fees to worry about! I hooked it up with a SIM card that costs a fraction of what a monthly security service costs.

  10. Jeff Aguirre

    So far this thing rocks!

  11. Norma Thompson

    very good alarm system
    eazy to install, very smooth

  12. Darin Mata

    This is an excellent product.

    I did the installation in my home of the system. The installation was very easy and work it without issue.

  13. Neil Oconnell

    Very easy to install. UI and documentation a little clunky, but not unexpected for the low price.

    Bit of a struggle sorting out the right SIM card. I suggest that the product be offered with a pre-packaged SIM card as an option.

    Overall a satisfied customer.

  14. Melvin Randolph

    The product works. The manual in my opinion is OK. I could understand and set that up fairly easily. Didn’t install any sirens yet as we are getting used to the system. Have a GSM + landline connected and both of them work well. But the product has few limitations mentioned below, hence the 3 stars.

    The battery backup comes only for 4 to 5 hours, this is probably OK. But when the battery is dead and when you get the power back, the system comes back in the disarmed state. This is a huge flaw.
    There is no way to know what is the status of the system remotely, you can only either ARM or DISARM, but won’t know what is the current status.
    If a window or door sensor is already open, you don’t get any notification or alert when you arm the system.

    Overall its a OK purchase.

  15. Paul Allen

    good bye adt! You have been rendered obsolete by this
    Plug and play. Goes in easy, works great, keeps the bad guys away. I added 2 more motion sensors and my house now is a fortress. T mobile still has the sim cards for $10 plus another $10 for every 3 months of use. Going to get another one for a rental property.

  16. Chris Rush

    Product and service are excellent. Easy to use and customer support is fast ant clear. Thanks

  17. Sydney Ferguson

    The system arrive in four days and it comes already program. In one hour I had my system working in my home with a claro/verizon prepaid sim, because I don’t have a land line. Very ease to install, I’ll do myself without any help. Following the internet user guide I set the numbers the system has to call or text in case of emergency, plug and do some test to the system and it works fine. And the siren its freaking loud! Now I feel more secure and less stressed. 🙂

  18. Junior Jefferson

    This system should have rated a five…but the phone system is problematic. My son is a computer programmer and after a week could not set it up. The system needs a SIM card, but only a few will work. We called phone companies and cell carriers and fortress and could not get a compatible SIM card. Hours of phone calls to no avail. Fortress should include a SIM card!!! Otherwise the systems is easy to install.

  19. Robbie Walton

    I am electrical engineer with RF / wireless & US air force sensors training. it is hard to imagine a better value for home alarms than this fortress system…highly recommended 🙂

  20. Dewitt Watts

    First system I have found that has everything you need!
    I live in the Boon Docks, and needed a dependable and complete system

  21. Everett Sanders

    The system was super easy to install. Works perfect. The only problem we had was getting the date set up – contacted Fortress and they gave us the solution. We highly recommend this for DIY home security.

  22. Johnny Spencer

    The FOBs (remotes) are convenient to give to guests, rather than have them learn how to find the keypad and use it. The FOBs are convenient for when you are lying in bed and realize you haven’t set the alarm -just reach to your nightstand and hit the FOB. The indoor alarm is paralyzingly loud! However, there is a setting to make it quieter. I can’t imagine how loud the outside alarm is, I’m too afraid to test it. I have not tested the SIM card feature.
    The bundled 9V batteries are not a name brand and lasted 6 months in the motion detectors which detect motion all the time, even when the alarm is not set (and thus will not trigger). However, they have internal switches that can change the interval between detection events to improve battery life. I will try that next. The sticky tape that holds the transmitters on the windows and doors have not fallen off my wood framed windows and doors having gone through a cold winter and several weeks of warm weather without A.C. The bundled battery of the transmitter on the main door of the house has died within 6 months. It seems that opening and closing doors or windows shortens the battery life.

  23. Tracey Spence

    very pleased with the product.
    Thank You.

  24. Kelly Walker

    What a fantastic product at a great price and you can even install it all by yourself. My wife feels more secure after I installed it and all the features are working great. Recommended it to my friends and one who was very impress bought FOUR .

  25. Andre Crawford

    I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to avoid paying monthly charges to a monitoring agency. As stated it’s easy to set up and works great. Although my package came with a used a head unit, upon calling Fortress they immediately apologized and sent me a new complete head unit free of charge. Their support staff (skeleton crew) may not answer right away but they will call you back and are very professional and curtious. I plan adding window break sensors.

  26. Donte Arnold

    So far, so good. The only trick is figuring out how to set up all of the physical components of the alarm from the YouTube videos and using common sense. The manual only covers programming the alarm.

  27. Anna Schmidt

    This unit does exactly as they say. Works great over landlines and cell networks. Alerts are quick, and hasn’t triggered false but one time. Unit was not to blame even though it is pet friendly. Cat jumping on back of chair near motion detector was not accounted for.

  28. Ryan Donovan

    Excelent product, easy to install. Works like a charm. First week of install, some burglars tried to get in my home but thanksfully they ran away when the alarm was activated. Recommended.

  29. Basil Herring

    Only reason I’m giving 2 stars because it does what it says. We’ve had numerous false alarms which is nerve wrecking, every time we speed home just to check on the house. At first I though it was due to the battery, I replaced all of them double checked with multimeter to make sure they are full. But it didn’t help, we still have false alarms once a month or so.

    Trust me…this supposed to give you a peace of mind, but with false alarms it created this phobia to leave the house unattended.

    Everything else is fine. One thing that I wish it had, is to customize sensor names, they only come in category. We have 10 windows/doors and they are all under the same category. If you have a faulty sensor good luck finding and replacing it.

  30. Denise Griffin

    Here is what I like about this alarm:
    * Budget savvy ($10 prepaid refill from T-Mobile each 90 days = $40 annually)
    * Uses old school standard sized SIM (SIM adapter = any SIM works)
    * Alarm can text you or call if your alarm is going off
    * Programmable to auto arm/disarm, so it’s armed before you get into bed
    * Text to arm/disarm your home security system
    * Sleepwalking safety measure

    If you or someone you know is prone to sleepwalking this is a terrific investment!

    Advanced sleepwalkers can do many complex tasks (i.e. sleep driving) so don’t let the sleepwalker have the alarm code; have a buddy set the codes after everything is set up and tested and you’ve added the nightly auto arm/disarm times.

    I’m very grateful that I found this product!

    Initially when I started testing I couldn’t figure out why the alarm was going off every couple of minutes, so I called customer support; Ben was so nice and easy to understand (English is his first language and he didn’t have any strong accent or talk too fast) and didn’t follow an annoying script, instead he listened, explained the problem, and offered to walk me through each step. He even stayed a little late to stay on the line while I tested it 🙂
    The whole process took about five minutes.

  31. Clayton Fritz

    An excellent and affordable way to protect your home. We have been using for about a year now. Still love it!!!

  32. Dannie Levy

    The sim card issue and no info on how or where to obtain it was frustrating , I think I have figured that part out by reading reviews upon reviews and stumbling upon it as it is not in the instruction booklet on where what type etc, its like they think everyone has a landline which is why i purchased it in the first place as my rental does not..Other than that I have not installed it yet as i wanted to find the sim card and get that resolved before installing, more review after completion.

  33. Emil Odonnell

    I bought it in the US and brought it to another country to use – everything works fine except the loud siren which kind of makes it useless as siren cannot be heard from outside.

  34. Calvin Matthew

    Works very well. I would like to see two changes to the system though. If a door or window is already open and then you arm the system it does not notice, as a mater of fact you can then close the door or window and the system does not notice that ether. It will however set off the alarm when that door or window is opened again. The second change I would like to see is an ability to set the system to tell you that a window or door was opened while the system is not armed with a lower short beep or voice message.

  35. Jon Anderson

    Amazing. As good as the professional systems but a fraction of the cost and you can easily install it yourself. I suggest using an AT&T GoPhone SIM card for it. Pay the $100 and the value will last on the SIM for 12 months. Pay it once one dont worry about it again. It works out to be only $8 a month, a lot less that you would pay ADT! Some of the accessories are sketchy, but the core system is great!

  36. Al Bernard

    Excellent product for an even better price. Set up was easy and I managed to install it in no time. Works flawlessly. The customer service was the best. I highly recommend this product.

  37. Willis Powers

    I’ve had this system for about two months. I am very satisfied with it. There has been no false alarms and the sensors work very well. The online app is nice setting the alarm and disabling it. It also keeps track of alarm status, armed and disarmed history. The app notifies by text, and email when setup through home Wifi, which is a very nice feature. You can also use the app to automatically arm and disarm the system, a feature which makes it pretty much automatic, no more forgetting to set the house alarm. I haven’t decided if I am going to use the sim card feature, only because I’m not sure if I need it. Over all feel this system works great! Oh, I almost forgot, I had a dead on arrival door sensor in which I contacted customer service. Within a week I received a replacement hassle free, I didnt even have to ship the defective door sensor back to the company.

  38. Bill Adkins

    Good product, but not as good other systems.

  39. Anne Russell

    This works well. Two things I wish it had was a chime mode and I could name the devices. I have to guess which one is activating the alarm. I forgot to set the alarm the other day and called my home phone number and turned it on over the phone. Nice!

  40. Kasey Ware

    Super easy install.

  41. Tommie Powell

    Quick shipping
    Easy to install by yourself .
    And really simple to operate like your car alarm .
    I’ll be ordering additional door sensors to put on my window airconditioning for added protection .
    I need to thank my cousin or referring me to fortress after his home was broken into twice he purchased this same system and was the one who informed me about its symplicity .

  42. Son Mora

    Works like it said it would

  43. Jean Hughes

    Exactly what I was looking for and what l expected. My only dissapointment is that you have to delete an entire zone in order to rezone your sensors. That process is very labor intensive. Could be much easier. Overall, very satisfied.

  44. Judy Martin

    very good alarm system for the money

  45. Irving Abbott

    I purchased this unit to replace a different recently purchased unit that did not meet my needs “sensor range”, for providing adequate monitoring. This unit has performed very well and was easy to setup and configure. The only two things I have encountered was during installation, the two sided tape is not a 3m like product, so I purchased some at a local home improvement store, and this was a preference to use screws to install the magnet sensors to the doors. I recently tested the unit to confirm its operation, no sooner did I unlock and open a door, the siren was going off and it called me within 1-2 seconds. +++ no monthly monitoring fee’s…

  46. Jessica Alexander

    Actually pretty easy to install. Mostly pre programmed. The support staff is great. Very fast response customer service. Pretty impressed. Use the on-line install guides for help.

  47. Freddie Parker

    I gave it four stars do to lack of instructions. Although the instructions can be found online, in this day and age, someone should take the time to compile all of that and through it all on a CD to be included. I use the GSM with AT&T, and it works fine as long as you get someone on the phone that knows what they are talking about.

  48. Everett Price

    Let me start off by stating that this is a very good DIY system for general home security purposes whether you opt to pay for a monitoring service or not. Here is my basic rundown on this system.

    Good materials that seem durable.
    All mounting hardware is included.
    Use of a good adhesive tape (3M). Make sure area is clean/grease free for best results.
    Easy installation where drilling is only needed to install the keypad.
    No cumbersome wires to deal with.
    Landline and GSM connectivity.
    Indoor alarm is loud.
    All sensors come with batteries.
    Easy to read interface.

    Directions are a bit sketchy but with some degree of tech know-how you should be okay.
    Limited description for zones i.e. SOS, FIRE, GAS, DOOR, WINDOW, HALL, BOUNDARY, BALCONY. You cannot input your own description. Make sure to note what you programmed for where.
    No recommendations as to advise what sensors should be used for certain applications e.g. using a contact sensor vs a vibration sensor on a window. This is an important consideration based on the type of window and glass you have.

    Other Minor Issues
    Got 1 dead battery. Have some spares and a tester at hand.
    Got 1 sensor with no adhesive tape.

  49. Everette Castaneda

    Easy to use and makes me feel safe! SO glad we’re not wasting our money on a typical security system like ADT. This system does more and I don’t have to keep paying for protection! Love it!

  50. Wanda Perry

    Good buy. Like everybody else having trouble with the double sided tape….Also the instruction book needs a LOT of help.(Needs to be written by a high school graduate). Have call about a couple of issues and ALL got resolved to my satisfaction. (Pretty quick too.)

  51. Dane Russo

    as described.

  52. Arron Malone

    3 stars since it does not have the feature configurations I desired. Some on me some on documentation.

    The good,
    it does what it says it does(bee careful on expectations).
    It comes pre-configured for quick install.
    It comes with a glass break.
    The remote keyfobs to enable and disable are very nice
    The siren is ear pearcing loud.

    The bad:
    This does not have all the functionality of a high end system

    Window and door sensors are large. I have removable sashes for the windows and the sensors protrude into the area . Must mount down low on the window. I first mounted high and could not remove the sash for cleaning.

    There is no chime setting. This is highly desirable when set to disarm to have the windows or doors chime when opened. I have pool and wanted the doors to chime when set to home. I wanted to know when someone goes in our out.

    The system does not check or notify you of any open sensors when you set it to home or away. This means you can set it with windows open. It also means you could leave your house vulnerable when you are sleeping by leaving a window open you did not know about.

    If a door is opened and closed, the system will tell you on the display the zone has been triggered. If the door gets closed, the message goes away after a few seconds.

    There is no way to view what sensors or how many are in what zones.

    The manual does not state what zones the sensors come pre-configured for so when you go to configure sensors for zones, you basically need to delete all zones.

    If you try and add a device it states it is a duplicate but does not tell you what zone it is in to delete from. Again if you do not have the devices well documented to zones, you need to start deleting all the zones and start from scratch.

    The zone names are pre-configured and can not be manually named. That means if you want to set a zone to say Bed1, you can not name the zone Bed1. You can only select it as windows or doors or any of the 8 names.

    I bought this for the room based glass break that a competitor does not offer. It clearly does not have the features I desired and does not claim to have them. My mistake thinking it had the features I wanted. It does what it says limited in configuration options.

    I would give it 5 stars if I did not want more from the system.

    As stated, it clearly does not have from the add

    ‘All the functions of a high-end alarm monitoring system without the monthly fees!”

    It does not even have all the features of some low end competitors for similar price ranges.

  53. Jerrod Barton

    Instructions are not clear, I have past experience with programming & was able to work thru instructions using past experience.

  54. Hector Meyer

    The package I received includes all items as described and in good shape. I didn’t set all the system yet but so far tried all sirens and they are definitely loud enough to scare burglars miles away. As I read in one of the reviews, I went and purchased a T-mobile “Pay as you go” line that gives you 30 min or 30 messages for $3.00/month. It’s a very good system but keep in mind that you can’t or won’t be able to hire a monitoring service for it but in the mean time it’s very affordable and reliable..

  55. Johnny Newton

    Great system, went to AT&T and got a sim card for $15 a month. Worth every bit.

  56. Adan Duke

    I purchased the GSM model around two years ago do to some crime in my neighborhood. It was very easy to install and worked flawlessly.

    Unfortunately my house was broken into while on vacation. They hit 3 houses in one night. The only positive for me was I was spared by the system, they only walked away with 3 items because the were spoked by the alarm. The other two house were torn all apart. Get a good camera to go with system, I recommend dlink for the price. Make sure to put the large siren outside so the neighbors will be alerted. People will look out windows if they hear it, which could lead to a quick arrest with tips.

  57. Joyce Edwards

    easy to install and ease of mind when i leave the house

  58. Jeremiah Lucas

    The system itself is decent. Customer service is very good. But when I connected the phone line, I was getting static on the phone line. I am not sure this is reason why I have problems with my internet connection occasionally. They even send me a new power supply but the static didn’t go away. I have decided to disconnect the phone line for now.

  59. Maria Coleman

    Product was very good and it does what it says, programming was very easy, the online manual helps. Shipping was fast. There was a very accurate description of what it does and how it works. i got no false alarms and no problems.

  60. Matthew Alvarado

    I receive the alarm and had some problems connecting the GSM, I contact Michael from customer service and we could not fix a Signal Problem, he immediately send me a New brain for the alarm, even with out me sending back the other one, then I got the new brain and test both, and decide to return the first one, after that i send back the first system I bought and Michael immediately refund me the USPS payment i did for the return, now my alarm is working fine and I know i have an splendid Customer service if any problem I have…. I recommend to buy from this seller 100%,.
    About the product You got what you buy for this price if you read the reviews, at the end it does it work very well, also very easy to assemble, just the stickers on the sensors I recommend to change for one with a more strong glue. About the rest works fine I try it in a house in mexico and Works perfect with the GSM SIM card form a Mexican Cellular company.

  61. Archie Wolfe

    We love it so far, I tired both sim card and also wired phone line ( google voice), Sound from the siren is so loud your head will spin by the time you disarm the system if it goes off. the motion detectors have very good range but only thing is even the system is disarmed they send signals to the central unity which is not required I guess that could save the life and battery of the units.

  62. Orlando Rubio

    Great product
    Cover all areas in my house

  63. Ruth Harris

    Great alarm for the money. The manual is definitely lacking but any question I had during installation/set up were very promptly answered via the companies web site, I also figured a lot of the features out on my own by “playing around” with the main consol. All in all, I am pleased with the alarm system. Oh and the siren is VERY loud…

  64. Clint Fox

    The Fortress Security Alarm system is a dynamite product! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does it well.
    I like the fact that it will call me, not some monitoring company, in case of an intrusion. I’ve had the system in for 2 weeks and it works very well.
    The only problem I had with it is the instructions that came with it. Very vague and generalized. And when going to their web site for help and support, nothing there looks like the product that came in the box and the videos and written instructions, again, don’t work on the product that came in the box. So I called, left a voice message and Ben called me back an hour later. He gave me excellent advice and instructions so I was able to have everything up and running in about 10 minutes.
    I am very impressed with the product and would definitely recommend it but be prepared to call for help.
    I also bought the Fortress door chime. It’s a door bell and an alarm to let you know when a door opens. It pairs with the GSM-A seamlessly.
    But, make sure you turn off the motion detectors before you start pairing sensors or else your motion detectors will set off a door alarm. Instructions should have been clearer on that too.

  65. Francisco Wise

    Easy to use, instructions made sense, and informative. Technical support, and website.
    Potential to increase the system. Amazing, a company that actually cares.
    Thank you.

  66. Devin Mercer

    So far so good. Relatively easy set up. I used a T-Mobile GSM sim card and do not have it connected to a land line. Works great – texts, calls. The small siren is deceiving … extremely loud! Nice work Fortress!

  67. Gilbert Paul

    Set this up yesterday. Pretty straight forward. Directions were good. No problems with any of the components. The bad for this system is that they assume the power cords are going into a wall plug instead of hiding away somewhere. The cords are way to short and in my opinion they should add an extension cable or just fix the existing cable so that it can be spliced nice and clean. I ran my power under the house into the wall so someone can’t just come in an unplug the control panel or the sirens. Added a UPS to the system to keep power on for an extended period.

  68. Jose Fuller

    Only 4 stars because the directions are a little lacking. The system and its components are built well and easy to install. I wish the directions were a little more clear on the zones and how to move items around different zones as well as labeling zones. Overall I am super pleased with the product. I installed it in a 2018 Airstream with a SIM card from AT&T that added $15 a month to our data plan. I’d purchase this product again.

  69. Weston Ortiz

    Excellent, easy to install if you read instructions come down.

  70. Richard Rivera

    My house had an old wired alarm system that required a monthly fee to manage. When we updated all the windows, it didn’t make sense to go forward with the old system … I started looking for something more current that required no wiring, that I could install and program myself, and was able to interact reliably with my cellular phone. This system was easy to install, easy to customize, and easy to expand. Their blog pointed me to a very inexpensive SIM provider ( that made the recurring cost very reasonable. BEST PART, tho, has been their SUPPORT. They respond to email questions quickly. And, I’ve experienced a bad motion sensor (LED Light stayed constantly on) … they swapped out the sensor quickly – no problem.
    Great product … Better support!

  71. Phil Jackson

    I had some initial problems, and after I posted a review the owner of the company saw my review, contacted me (HE contacted ME), and resolved all of my problems to my satisfaction. In the end, I have a good product I use (and I have purchased additional accessories) and have found a company I will use again. It is great to see a company have such fantastic customer service with a good product. I will be a repeat customer.

    This place earned, and deserves the 5 star rating.

  72. Lori Rogers

    A solid system backed by a solid company. The components of this system seem to be of good quality. Installation is a snap, very easy. A good amount of security for your home, and piece of mind for you.

  73. Alonzo Crane

    Check your local networks for available plans if you don’t want to hook this to an existing landline you may be in for a surprise I have a monitored system from simply safe for only $10.00 a month on my equipment trailer this system required a monthly plan just to call my cell for $40.+
    So given the choice seeing as simply safe is an equally inexpensive setup you be the judge

  74. Wesley King

    I was a customer with a major security provider for (4) years. Paying $50/month and not getting notified every time the alarm went off. Their process seemed to be this: Alarm goes off… They allow time to see if alarm is disarmed… They try to reach you to see if it was you, then they call the police. Police could arrive in a best case scenario in 10-15 minutes.

    This product allows connection via landline and/or SIM card and alerts up to (5) numbers immediately when alarm is set off.

    Installation and programming was very simple.

    Appearance is very nice. High quality, just like the major provider.

  75. Terry Hubbard

    Pro- The product functions well. Very easy to install
    Con- The material used for the product is cheap. Product is cheaply made. Very flimsy. Recording message is not clear when played.
    Added a small drop of gorilla glue to the backing of contacts to assure adhesion to doors and windows.

  76. Kathy Morris

    Great system ! Easy to program. Flexible with all the pieces provided ( I did order additional motion sensors as backups to the window/door contacts ). The two sirens will definitely make someone not want to be in the same area as they are when the alarm is triggered. Would and have already recommended this system to friends.

  77. George Hunter

    Before I purchased this product, I had purchased another wireless security system from a Chinese company, but the installation instructions were difficult to understand due to broken English translations that made barely any sense and the product died quickly.

    But…the security system I purchased from Fortress is friggin’ AWESOME! The product is of Chinese manufacture, but the US-based seller provided printed out installation instructions in proper English that make installation and set-up super easy! I set up the entire system in less than twenty minutes and it works like a charm! My family and I feel much more secure in the evenings when sleeping and I worry less about break-ins when we are away on vacation or out-of-town overnight. Great product which I highly recommend!

    I’m very, very happy with both the product and with the Fortress Security Store and would definitely buy from them again!

  78. Terence Collier

    Like the company says, this alarm will work right out of the box. The company takes the time to code all of the devices to the alarm. This system rivals much higher priced systems available today.

    1) GSM function. I setup the alarm with a T MOBILE pay as you go SIM. I charged the battery before taking to the store and the setup was faster than the actual purchase of the SIM card. I am not pitching T MOBILE in this review, they have good coverage in this area. The arm/disarm function thru SMS is great. The multi SMS alerts are also great.

    2) Motion sensors. The two provided sensors are well made devices. There timing and detection fields match sensors of much higher prices. I have one motion sensor in a large room aimed towards several large windows and the sensor will not trigger with motion outside the windows. This was a problem for some X10 sensors I used in the past.

    3) Window/door sensors. These are magnetic types that do not trip with magnet in place, only with magnet remove. Closing a door after the alarm is armed will not trigger the sensor.

    4) Indoor siren. This device is loud, extremely loud. Don’t mount the siren near the control panel if you intend to use audible chirps to indicate status.

    5) Outdoor Strobe/Siren. Also very loud and the strobe is highly visible.

    6) Backup battery. The backup batteries in the main console and the outdoor strobe are understated in the literature. Both have very long runtimes. I left the alarm unpowered for 24 hours and it was still going.

    1) There are a limited number of ZONE names that can be used for the SMS alarm messages. The alarm zone names cannot be edited to match your particular setup. In other words, you cannot make a zone called GARAGE to indicate a motion detector there.

    2) Instruction manual. Like many have mentioned, the inline PDF is better than the included book. But both of them lacking. Much more detail related to the wired connections on the back of the unit and a few other areas of detail would be useful
    3) Recorded outgoing message. The sound quality of a recorded message for cellular or landline use is simply terrible. You are better off not using this function.

    4) Power supply. The AC adaptor for the alarm console has a ridiculously short cord on it. Alarm systems that are wall mounted require a power connection that drops down thru the wall to a basement AC connection or similar application.

    5) Outdoor Strobe/Siren. The outdoor strobe has a very limited range from the alarm console. This is more of a problem with the console itself than the strobe. The console has external antenna connections on the back, but I could not find any information at all related to its configuration on their website or in the manuals. I rigged an old wifi antenna to the connections which improved the range from about 12 feet to barely 20 feet. More information from the manufacturer is needed about this antenna connection.

    6) Indoor siren. The cord on this device is also jokingly short.

  79. Kathryn Cooper

    Its a very good system .I feel a bit more secure having it placed in my home . I received two calls this week telling me the alarm triggered when I investigated I found out it was triggered by a bird .because I place the motion sensor in my veranda .so I need to get a motion sensor that’s pet friendly.

  80. Joey Douglas

    it’s a low cost solution. the console feels flimsy. the keypad is not as responsive as it should be. at times i have to press the button more than twice to enter a code.

    one of the sensors arrived broken. a few of the others are not as sensitive as they should be, too.

    would i recommend it? depends on what you are looking for. i wanted an alarm for when i sleep. this does it. if you want an alarm to protect your family day and night, this is not for you because of the sensor responsiveness issue i ran into and the keypad.

  81. Alonzo Goodman

    First time i bought a wireless alarm system, its easy to install and setup. I can make changes to configuration through the app, its very easy!

  82. Joan Gray

    Although product has minor issue, however great customer service cover it all~

  83. Emanuel Blair

    Excellent product, good performance, test caused neighbors to alert.

  84. Gloria Butler

    Excellent. Easy to install and set up.
    Minor cons:
    Magnets only operate the contact from one side. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out why the contact wasn’t working. No biggie once I figured it out. You can move it to the other side of the window or turn the contact upside down.
    There isn’t a chime mode. I got used to that feature in my other house and was surprised that it wasn’t available.

  85. Warren Bowman

    GSM system works well although I have only had it installed for a few days. Things like when I got one door magnet assy. out of the box the back and magnet stayed in the box and I still haven’t figured out the wall anchors – just got some that worked I already had. Sticky pad installation may be okay but I screwed all the door sensor parts in place. Was way better the one I tried from Lowe’s.

  86. Sebastian Boyd

    Prior alarm systems left our company realizing the likelihood of actually requiring a police call is nearly zero. Hence, we concluded we don’t need a live real-time monitoring service as long as one of us gets the call from the system first. Most always we simply need the system to alert a company principal whose job would be to first determine if a police call was necessary. Therefore, monthly monitoring is completely unnecessary for us. So, in the above sense, this system would have been perfect (except for one important flaw below). Buy a T-mobile SIM card for $22 and then subscribe for their super cheap $10 alarm monitoring monthly plan and you can save big $ annually as long as all you really need is for the system to call you.

    So what’s the problem? NO CAPACITY FOR MULTIPLE USERS! This system only allows for a single user:pass! What? So even a family can’t assign separate passwords to individual family members? How can you then determine who armed or disarmed the system at any given time?

    In our case, we’re a business in an already secured building with captive maintenance / cleaning crew. So now we can’t even have a separate code for when the cleaning crew visits us. Alas…

    Of course, you get what you pay for. So if all you care about is a system to call you during an alarm event via cell / text and you don’t care about multiple users, this system would indeed be a good value. But not for us. We even called their customer service (and, yes, a live human being actually called us back). But they admitted their system does not have this capability after all. Again, their live customer service was unexpectedly good.

    Other observations:
    – This system is “clunky” at best when it comes to calling-in remotely
    – front panel control cover is doomed to fall off. Cheap manufacture

    Final overall observation: as long as you’re OK with this system’s limitations, you get a LOT of stuff in the box and decent functionality for a relatively low price without the need for a monthly commitment with a monitoring company if you prefer to self-monitor.

  87. Darron Mckinney

    excellent very good I recommend it 100 %

  88. Fernando Simmons

    Great wireless system would recommend it to everyone

  89. Jordon Campos

    Got robbed so decided to get a noisemaker. As I hear, for ADT or those monitored systems, police (due to budgets I guess) do NOT respond. So, I decide to get this DIY solution.

    Good part is it works.
    The bad parts:
    1) Bad part is that the mounting hardware sucks. For the black siren, they give you these piddly screws. Right from the bat, I decide to use some oudoor screws that I had use for installing sheet metal roofing.
    For the other screws, they give you these lousy pentagonal, abnormal green taps for anchoring your screws. I should’ve listened to my own common sense (having done so for the outside screws), but decided to use them. These are NOT normal…In the end I have to spackle the hole and go to Home Depot to get the NORMAL, CIRCULAR taps. I have yet to decide if I’ll use these piddly screws they included.

    2) The 10-second recording. It is so warbly even after multiple attempts. I guess the best is to have the system call YOU so that you at least know your home address to call onward to the police. Who in the world would understand it except the folks you notify that you include on the machinee’s list of 6 callees. Also, I realize you shouldn’t bother setting the call to your local police dept (unless they pick up immediately and is a person)…..most Police dept. have that automated menu that comes on when you call.

    3) the window/door sensors get rattled easily off. By that I mean the piece sticks (due to the 3M stickies) but the boy falls off and out comes the sensor/battery. So I do NOT recommend mounting the main unit to the moving window/door because closing or slamming will knock it off. I ended up having to put some blue painters tape so that the whole unit does not get rattled off. I use blue painter tape because it is not sticky and will come off much easier than masking tape or scotch tape when you change the batteries.

  90. Jerrell Madden

    Great system, easy setup, covers all the bases, and is expandable as you need.

  91. Russell Stokes

    Boy that siren is loud. It’s fairly easy to program and gets good range for the sensors and remote. Although I wouldn’t want this for a house I live in as everything is so bulbous. It is great for securing job sites. It is much cheaper than those absurdly priced construction alarms that don’t cover a job site nearly as well.

    It doesn’t play nice with other brands of wireless sensors. Adding one will show a code indicating it received a signal. But actual tests won’t trip the alarm. So if you need more you’ll have to spend $30 a pop for the motion detectors. They really need to sell five packs at a discount.

  92. Reginald Lozano

    Excellent system and easy to understand instructions. This is the system for people who don’t want to prisoner of monthly fees.

  93. Branden Tucker

    excellent product.

  94. Tonya Ruiz

    Ok product. not as convenient as described.

  95. Hipolito Payne

    love it. tested system several times to make sure it works. motion sensors work great.great system for the money,and not having to pay for a monthly monitoring fee is great if your looking for a security system, buy this one, you will not regret it . it’s fantastic!!!!! H. Payne

  96. Ruby Wilson

    Very nice. It worked from the box. No complaints so far. But it does not show which door sensor is open, you have to figure it out one by one

  97. Felipe Fritz

    Excelente producto

  98. Jerry Taylor

    Great product, easy install. Bought this to secure a second property I own a 1800sq/ft house. Gives great peace of mind. This alarm is dependable and works great with the sim card I purchased from fortress store. All sensors came programmed to work with unit, so it made install quick. The alarm when triggered, immediately calls you and I love how it confirms when u disarm and arm the system with a text message to my phone. The alarm has the capability to recieve a txt message and you can disarm or arm the system for someone if your not present, which is great if u don’t want to give out the disarm code to someone. I plan to add on to the alarm and purchase the smoke detectors.

    This alarm is great because there aren’t any monthly dues to a company that calls you and ask “do u want us to call the police?” I handle my own problems and if I need the police then I call them. I would highly recommend this alarm. It’s reliable and will definately secure your property. My property is in a high crime area and I leave knowing that my property is in the same condition I left it.

  99. Jae Yang

    Exceed my expectation: Item arrived on time, ease of installation,precise manual instructions and performance as promised. I would and have already recommended to friends and family.

  100. Angela Gonzalez

    Works very well except SIM card will not connect. Where can I go to resolve have tried to call their number on hold forever no one answers

  101. Sandra Lopez

    I bought this Security sistem six months ago for my apartment in Bogotá Colombia and it works perfect.
    The instalation was very easy, the instructions were clear and it comes with all the accesories and supplies you need.
    I recommended!!! I am thinking to buy another one for my new apartment.

  102. Sara Lopez

    just looks and is what are expected. but further on i believe the price can improve. Example is the antenna. Signal capture is weak. I had to put aluminum wire as antenna, to magnify signal capture.

  103. Rey Pitts

    Ready/easy to install and a great system all together.

  104. Sammy Martinez

    Easy to set up. Read the booklet completely to set up your system and adjust the settings to your liking. Hint, do not connect the siren until all setup is done. It chirped twice every time I disarmed it and it is LOUD! Basic setup as an alarm that will alert you to an issue at home and will scare off any intruder with the loud siren. If you can put the keypad in a hidden place even better. All they really have to do is snip the wires on the unit before it sounds the alarm.

  105. Martin West


  106. Jody Pena

    I installed this system a couple months ago. I have had a few false alarms (2 or 3) triggered by the motion sensors, that’s really my main complaint. Other than that, it is working as advertised.
    I will say, regarding the customer support, there are a few people talking about how great the service is. I’ve only tried to call customer service one time, and I got no answer. I left a message, and I have never been called back. So the product is fine, but skeptical of some of the reviews talking about the excellent customer service.

  107. Ron Valenzuela

    excellent product and fast delivery

  108. Jamie Rhodes

    Exactly what I expected and needed. A couple of the door/window sensors weren’t synced but I called customer service they walked me through a very simple process, 1 of the sensor still wouldn’t code- but they sent a replacement right away. Excellent Customer service. Very easy to install and I’m very very happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend.

  109. Bret George

    Fast shipping packaged well this system works great its fairly simple to set up it takes a little while to learn the system when setting up your sensors to be coded in the zone in order to save them in the zone you have to trigger the sensor an when the system clears it then you can save it also i had to hang some of the sensors upside down in order for them to work in certain areas i havent had the system long but so far so good i really like how it works an how it can text u when a sensor has been triggered it will take a little while to learn the zones but there all numbered an it text u the zone that has been triggered i wrote them all down on a peice of paper so i can learn an know what alarm has been triggered when it text me the zone number i will know what window or door has been opened i hope this alarm system continues to work well in the future thanks

  110. Floyd Wall

    It took no time to install the individual opening devices. If we left the default settings as is, the installation would be very quick, but I wanted to have the away setting instant with no delay as I put motion sensors in the garage and after different delay time experiments I could not decide a delay time so I made the arming for away instantaneous. That way I can just use the fob from the car on the driveway after closing the garage door. We hear the little chirps from the external siren immediately so we know it is armed and can go about our business. We had no problem with installing the SIM card or getting it activated. It does send the messages to our cell phones as advertized. Both sirens are very loud !!!!!!!!! I like the little chirps that tell you when the alarm is set and disarmed. Motion detectors work very well. We keep a fob on one side of the bed and the panic button on the other for peace of mind. The system does everything as advertized and are very happy with the system.

  111. Dan Contreras

    This system is exceptional. The additional sensors & key fob I ordered arrived promptly & were easy to program. The entire set up took less than an hour (11 windows & 4 doors).

  112. Lauren Jennings

    This unit is easy to install and does its job as advertised. Do not expect a solid build quality for this price. It packs in a lot of functionality including enabling/disabling though phone. You can also remotely listen into sounds through the mic in the base unit. The manual is not well written though. I am satisfied with the purchase till now.

  113. Jeffrey S. Hall

    I live Off the Grid – solar power, Propane Fridge, no phone line, etc… This Alarm IS INCREDIBLE and came with TONS of sensors – some of which i don’t even need… THE CELL PHONE INTEGRATION SOLVES MY PROBLEM of not having a land line – This alarm calls my Cell phone via it’s internal cell phone – ((((( I went to the local ATT corporate store and they got me set up in less than 15 min with a SIM Card for the unit – i got a card with 3 months – 150 min and the setup all for just $27 plus change… UNIT WORKS EVERY TIME i have tripped it !!! – VERY VERY SATISFIED INDEED – Jeff Hall – Columbia, TN

  114. Deborah Brown

    Although the items seem a ‘little on the cheap’ side, the system has worked as described. I’m happy with it. I am glad that there was a provider of this system, which does not need the services of a “Monitoring” company ($).

  115. Elvin Dickson

    My house was broken into yesterday, the thieves just simply kicked in the front door, luckily they didn’t get away with much, because this system started going off & immediately notified my cell phone & my wifes cell phone. I believe because the system alarm started going off it scared the cowards off. The external siren is plenty loud enough, the internal is pretty loud too. This is a no frill system and as other reviewers have noted, this is all you need. I use a pre-paid sim card from T-Mobile, and as long as I put another 10 bucks on each year, the money stays on the card. Next I plan on investing in a CCTV system (only because I plan on the police catching them next time-which hopefully there won’t be a next time!).

  116. Reggie Davies

    System works about 90% of the time, the GSM will randomly stop working and it make you wonder if the alarm is activated will it call out? I have mine connected to a VOIP line as a backup.

  117. Carmen Charles

    Great buy!

  118. Ahmed Nadeem

    working very well. just wondering how to change batteries if needed.

  119. Leopoldo White

    Great system and works very well!!

  120. Joseph Dennis

    I’ve bought two and used in my parents house and my office:

    1. You probably well enough with the movement sensors and fewer doors sensors.
    2. FOBs activate in your pocket, sounding the alarm while your inside.

  121. Susan Campbell

    Unit works pretty well. I have not been able to get to dial me via landline reliably, but I use the cellular function and it is fine.

  122. Kerry Mckenzie

    This is a very nice easy to set up security system. Has voice prompt, calls out to you and or sends sms using cell network and or landline. Wow whats a landline? Even my home phone is on sprints cell network. Hints. Use the quick set up quide. Use the online videos for easy set up.
    I got a free standard sim card from T-Mobile and called to activate. They have a Pay as you go plan

    Buy minutes, talk and text away. When you run out, come back and buy more minutes. It’s a simple and affordable way to stay connected.


    /min or msg

    ◾$3 per month includes 30 minutes of talk or text messages and lets you keep your phone number from month to month
    ◾Add additional talk and text at a low flat rate of 10¢ minute/message
    ◾Daily and weekly high-speed data passes available for purchase

    I did the $3 per month and charged the sim up with $50 and he said all unused minutes roll over at the end of the year.
    That is a great deal!

    Wow that siren is loud for a little thing. Some complain about the unit being made with cheap plastic. My dads protection one system is cheaply made also and its costing him 49.99 a month for the monitoring.

  123. Chris Lawson

    I’ve had the VEA Deluxe Pet Immune system installed for about a month. Overall I give it 4 stars. It seems to have some design problems, but I was able to work around them and it is working well now.

    The main problem is the contact sensors. I noticed that while the door sensors were very reliable, the window sensors would often fail to trigger the alarm, even with the sensor LED lighting up.

    Distance was not the problem. I have vinyl windows, so metal was not the problem either. It turned out to be the way it was mounted, vertically on the side of the window (which is the most obvious mounting position for a sash that slides up and down).

    I fixed the problem by removing all the window sensors and remounting horizontally on the window sill, with the magnet attached to the bottom of the sash. This was not convenient, and it does not look good, but it did the trick. The window sensors are now as reliable as the door sensors.

    Besides that:
    PROS –
    –The company has US-based customer support. When I contacted them, they responded promptly and professionally each time. I used both email and phone support.

    –The GSM dial-out system seems very reliable. When the alarm triggers, I always get a text message and the listed phones always get a call. Even with no network bars showing, the signal is strong enough to connect. I did put the panel near an outside wall to get the best possible signal.

    –The strobe siren is really loud, loud enough to hear across the street. It has an internal battery, so it will keep screaming even if you unplug the power supply.

    –I did not have to mess with any programming. The system came preconfigured logically, with each sensor in a separate zone. The sirens were paired to the panel. I did not need to change anything.

    –The contact sensors are small, lightweight and easy to install. You can use screws instead of mounting tape if needed, but the mounting tape is very strong. You’ll need a hair dryer to remove it.

    –Range is good enough to reach anywhere in my house, about 60’ front to back. (At least with fresh batteries.)

    –The Pet-Immune motion detectors respond to me, but not the cat, even though she jumps around a lot.

    CONS –
    –Contact sensors do not always trigger the alarm even when the LED lights up (see above). I was able to work around this, but in my mind this is a defect. According to the instructions they should have worked the way I originally mounted them.

    –The user manual is sketchy. It will get you going, but some things you must either ask customer support, or figure out for yourself. For example, you can change the sensitivity of the motion detectors by moving the internal jumpers, but it doesn’t tell you which jumpers to move.

    OTHER – Be aware that remote operation, using the VEA app, works by sending SMS text messages to the alarm panel. If you plan on using the app to control the alarm remotely, you will be sending and receiving a lot of texts. Spammers and telemarketers can also take a big bite out of your allotted minutes. Keep this in mind when shopping for a phone plan.

    The VEA system does not have a ton of features or configuration options. But it does what it was intended to do; it sounds an alarm and calls me if someone enters my house. It is not 100% reliable, but pretty close (after my workarounds). It will still work even if it loses power or someone cuts my cable line. The US-based customer support is responsive and they sent me what I needed to make the system work.

    On the product alone, I would only rate the VEA system 3 stars, because it did not work right out of the box. But having good customer support is huge, easily worth an additional star. If the system continues to work as well as it works today, I’ll be happy with it.

  124. Jean Burgess

    Very easy to install, works very well.

    Only caution is, if you have a Magic Jack as a main telephone line, you will NOT be able to call the unit to be able to arm or disarm it remotely by telephone as advertised.

    If an alarm is tripped, yes the unit will be able to call YOU and allow you to perform all remote functions, but you will not be able to call it if it is connected to a Magic Jack.

    Also, if you have an answering machine of any kind, you will have to chose between the ability to call the unit from a telephone (to arm, disarm, or listen in) or have an answering machine… you will not be able to have both.

    Otherwise, not a bad alternative to the more expensive alarms.

  125. Titus Petty

    Easy setup, works great, just need to remember to disarm when I come home. Both text and call within seconds of alarm. Will buy more sensors in future.

  126. Otis Barber

    not a bad system. Wish it came with a wireless external siren. I had to run the plug through a window and plug to an outlet. Directions are very very basic. but product is pretty good. 4 stars for sure. Wireless external siren and more thorough directions would have given a 5 stars easily

  127. Joey Parker

    Okay, I waited a year before making my review – wanted to see just how good a system this is. It works perfectly and is easy to install. About the only problem I had was making the kids at the local ATT wireless store understand what I wanted a SIM card for. So my suggestion is for you to take the main panel with you when yopu go to get a SIM. I ahd to pay an activation fee, and it’s costing me about $11.00 per month at ATT, plus $49 per month for a monitoring and security patrol. So I pay a bit more each month than the professional companies charge, but I also get security patrols.

    I did find the instruction manual a bit vague in a couple of areas, and the provided batteries died in less than six months, but other than that, this is an easy to install system that does what it says and is till functioning well after a year.

  128. Dorian York

    – Work as describe
    – well package
    – price is excellent for a none subscription alarm system

    – terrible manual, no diagram to tell you what item is what, I had to go to their website to find out which item does what.
    – had trouble with coding some sensor, it kept saying repeat code error. So I had to reset to factory and it work again.
    – if you aren’t tech savy, the dial control unit can be confusing to setup. And it’s all fall back to terrible user manual.

  129. Nathan Obrien

    Easy to install, works great

  130. Tim Chaney

    Very easy to install and setup. Had it done in less then 30 minutes.

  131. Gloria Mickenzie

    Love this security system. It was easy to install. My only advice is to download the manual from the Fortress website. The key fobs and panic button is a plus. The system works, when my husband came home the system went off and started calling the numbers that we put in. I also like the ability to add on to the system.

  132. Tim Bates

    Ordered for security at a small business, the owner decided to use it elsewhere.

  133. Jennifer Wright

    Perfect for small businesses. easy set up works as intended.

  134. Chadwick Goodman

    so far, i am happy with this product .thank you

  135. Theo Booth

    After installing this alarm system and security camera system in my home; good old ADT came knocking on my door to solicit there products. I told them I caught them on camera walking up my driveway and said I already have an alarm system in the house. We compared prices with everything I bought and pay once a year for my phone to the alarm plus cameras. They could not even come close to my up front price for the equipment alone. I do not have a contract with anyone but Magic Jack, $ 49.00 a year for the phone line and $9.00 dollars extra a month on my cell phone bill for use of the SIMM card…. can’t beat that for do it yourself piece of mind….

  136. Dominic Nichols

    This system is beeter than I expected for the price, installation is simple, to added extra door/window contacts is easy.
    The manual instruction should described more details for DIY for most home owner. All remote keys works great.
    I would recommend to anyone want a good GSM security system.

  137. Cletusay Montoya

    This is the best

  138. Christine Collins

    Totally satisfied. Exactly like the description. Very easy to install , but the real good think though, it keep me out of the monthly monitoring payments thanks to the GSM options. I strongly suggest this product . Five star indeed.

  139. Roderick Obrien

    Working fine. I am happy with it. Installation was easy.

  140. Guy Mccullough

    Great product. Works very well and have told my friends and neighbors so they can purchase one as well.
    I have a large house and used all 10 door sensors just on doors. Some of the doors were on my shed, garage and large security gate. The range is outstanding and the key fobs are great. I like that I can add other sensors and key fobs easily. The sirens are head pounding. Customer service is awesome and when needed very helpful. All door sensors I installed but 2 were on doors that swing inside. Some modification of the door frames are needed. The sensors need to be aligned and my old doors in my house didn’t make this easy. I had to chisel frame to mount magnetic side of sensor.

  141. Matt Parsons

    Too complicated.

  142. Lois Mitchell

    I am very pleased with this system. It was easy to install, works well with the t-mobile GSM card I got ($3 per month for 30 calls and 30 texts right now) and makes quite a lot of noise if set off.

  143. Mohamed Azeem

    Works great but the batteries don’t last that long…..

  144. Dino Klein

    Works Great. I recommend using Alarmsim with this as well.

  145. Ivory Rubio

    Installation was very simple. However, the sensor units could have been better labelled to show which zone they belong to. Kowing which sensor belongs to which zone is important when you want enable entry delay for a particular zone. Otherwise it takes lot of effort to delete sensors from a zone and to readd them to another zone.

  146. Abel Bright

    Easy set up, system works as advertised and actually had more features that expected. Remotes work perfectly and have a great range.

  147. Garret Rowe

    We bought this because we wanted home alarm that we would NOT have to pay money to monitor it. I think this is a OK system.
    We have had a lot of false alarms probably on my part as the instructions are VAGUE to understand. We bought a driveway alarm
    from Harbor store and this interfered with this ALARM setting it off anytime some one went by it. So we had to NOT use the alarm
    for the driveway alarm. The CUSTOMER SERVICE is difficult to reach anyone they ASK you to leave a message and they will get
    back to you which they do usually the next day. I gave it two stars BECAUSE I like the ALARM the customer service is not that

  148. Toney Gibson

    The service you get with this product is great

  149. Luke Lee

    I have set up the system and it works fine this far.

  150. Arturo Gonzalez

    I am very pleased with my system…..there is a small issue, sometimes when I go to turn the system on or off at the panel box, I push the key and nothing happens so I have to push it sometimes 2 or 3 times….not sure why this is happening but over all I am very pleased…thank you

  151. Tod Villa

    Like the product, recommend it to all, Great tech support

  152. Yong Manning


  153. Dennis French

    Installation was easy. Works as expected.. Used ATT SIM card for calling, works well. Overall, very satisfied. Manual needs some fixing. It repeats some pages. It misses few things. but found online manual that took care of that. Only thing is remotes are little unresponsive at times.

  154. Rickey Bishop

    Good product. The electronics isn’t top notch (some delays etc..) but very good for the price

  155. Antonio Ruiz

    Package arrived quickly and everything was preprogrammed just as they said it would be. This will work with either a landline phone or cellular service. I wanted to use cellular so I ordered a SIM card as an add on line to my Consumer Cellular account. It worked right out of the box. I love the texting option. When I’m away on vacation my son checks on the house. Everytime he disarms and arms the sytem I get a text message giving me a status up date.

    When installing one of the sensors I dropped it from about 10 feet onto a hardwood floor. After that the sensor still worked except for the indicator light. I contacted Fortress Security Store support via email to find out if it could be fixed. Within hours I got a response with the testing procedure. I emailed back that it didn’t fix the problem and the next day I got another email stating that a replacement was being shipped.

    The system works better than I expected it too and was easy to setup. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars was that the owner’s manual could have been much better and the sound quality of the recorded message is not very good. The online PDF version of the owner’s manual is much better.

  156. Angela Washington

    First, let me say that I like this system so well that I bought a second one for my girlfriend’s home and installed it for her. I will be purchasing a third system for our summer cabin soon. The first system was purchased in February 2014.

    The pre-programmed system did not suit the layout of my house very well so I ended up reprogramming all the sensors myself. The included written instructions are very poor. I would not recommend using them. Instead, download the PDF instruction manual from the seller’s website. It is much better. After a couple of mistakes, I found the system easy to program and install. I also added two additional pet friendly motion detectors and two wireless keypads to the system without any problems.

    I have the system set up with a T-Mobile SIM card and use a pay-as-you-go plan which costs $10 for 90 days service with 30 minutes of call time (about $40/year). If an alarm is triggered, I receive a phone call and text message on my cell phone wherever I happen to be. We have a small dog and two cats and they have never triggered an alarm. The sensors work well though, since I have accidentally triggered a couple of alarms.

    As far as function goes I would give the system five stars but give it four due to the poor voice speaker, short power cords for the main unit and keypads, plus poor written instructions.

  157. Jimmy Romero

    Replaces system from ten years ago. It seems to work excellent with greater security. The only problem I had was that the manual did not efficiently explain the difference between the use of the SIM or land line. It also didn’t explain at all where/how to mount the glass break sensor. I called the company to get the info, but they didn’t return my call for over one day, and I couldn’t pick it up, so they left a brief message.

  158. Karl Mcguire

    Great product. There are some other companies who have similar products as this one however the company who sells this one (fortress security) stands by there customers which makes this investment worthwhile.

    The manual is very user friendly, the quality of the product is not rock solid however very effective at doing what its supposed to do. What I mean by this is the plastic used to make the alarm system is the light cheap feel type of plastic however I think this was purposely done in order for the wireless signal to be able to communicate with the system better.

    The functionality of the alarm system is great, it gets good range and if anything wasn’t functioning correctly it was because the battery in one of the units wasn’t placed correctly or I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing. The mounting units for the motion sensors seem like they do not go with the motion sensors at first glance, however they do mount to the sensors just fine so pay attention to it before you jump to conclusions like I did. Make sure once you have followed every step you program the system under your own codes, most professional robbers know the loop holes around these systems to an
    extent however 80% of robberies are committed by desperate less experienced drug addicts which makes this system well worth it (if your worried about the other 20% just get security cameras along with this system).

    The sim card installation set up was simple. I purchased a T-Mobile prepaid sim card and went under the $11 dollar for up to 3 months plan. This plan breaks into either 30 text messages or 30 phone calls within the month then if you go over the amount of either one you pay ¢10 either an additional text or phone call (per minute call). So keep in mind the amount of numbers you have programmed and the amount of times you arm the alarm. You might need a different pre paid plan through T-Mobile. I should add you can active the sim card through T-Mobiles web site and make sure you get the standard size sim card or the 2 in 1 sim card which is standard size and can also break into micro size (you don’t want micro size so don’t break the sim card into that size). If you do not receive T-Mobile reception I believe at&t sim cards work as well but double check to make sure it does.

    I wrote this review fast so if I left out anything feel free to ask.

  159. Roscoe Doyle

    works as described

  160. Jeffrey Moss

    As advertised it worked great straight from the box. I needed to change some zones and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I have a separate garage and the door trip and the P.I.R. have no problem with distance which is about 80 feet to the keypad which I placed upstairs to prevent easy removal from the wall. I use the keyfobs and they work well, with the antenna pulled out, from outside the garage.
    The one thing I would like to see would be a zone label for “garage” as so many of us have separate garages. I used “boundary” instead which works. Great value for the money and I would highly recommend this product.

  161. Tammy Green

    Good for cellular alarm system. Our big disappointment was not being able to dial the alarm to alarm and disarm via our home or other landline phone, but we can text commands to do this from our cell phones

  162. Darius Farrell

    The system is affordable and useful, yet there are some areas that can use improvements.


    – The system is expandable, in case you live in a large house with many windows and doors, the sensors can be bought separately.

    – It’s not exactly a breeze, but it is relatively easy to setup once you view the videos on their website.

    – Ability to use either GSM or landline to get notified of an alarm.

    – Multiple numbers can be stored on the system.


    – The Zone names are not customizable. Zone is just an area of the house which can hold multiple sensors. They are pre-set to a certain description that may or may not match the actual area. Zones are labelled as window, door, fire, hall etc. It’s doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the system, but I like to have accurate descriptions of the zones such as Kitchen, Bedroom, Living room etc. This makes the system more neat if I could tell where exactly the break in/ false alarm happened.

    – The main console doesn’t tell which sensor triggered the alarm. So each zone can have up to 10 sensors. It would be very convenient if the main console identified which sensor sent the trigger signal. It would be even better if I could label each sensor separately (such as kitchen door, backyard door, bedroom window, hallway motion sensor). It does identify the zone, but that doesn’t tell me a whole lot in terms of preventing false alarms. I have had a few false alarms, they were mostly due to family members who were roaming around the house, but one or two false alarms happened in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. I have a theory that it was the motion sensor that picked up something like a bug crawling over it, but I can’t confirm it because the main console doesn’t tell me which sensor was responsible for the alarm.

    – The key fobs are old fashioned and very basic. The system can be controlled by a keyfob that comes with it (this one comes with three). The four keys on it can disarm, arm at home, arm when leaving, and sound the alarm. The keys have to be pressed with a bit of pressure. I advised all the family members to press and hold it for at least half a second to let the system disarm/arm. The keys can be pressed really quickly and the red LED lights up as if the signal was sent, but it doesn’t send the signal. A quick tap almost never sends the signal. The key has to be pressed down for at least half a second with some pressure for it to work. And when it does work, there is no way to tell if the system is disarmed unless you are next to the console and hear it say “system disarmed”. I have a few people who live in a part of the house that’s on the opposite side of the console. For them there is no way to tell if the system is disarmed in case they need to get to the bathroom or something in the middle of the night. There is no feedback on the keyfobs to determine the state of the system. Personally I rather have an app to control it, which brings me to my next point.

    The connectivity is archaic. Yes the fact that there is GSM connectivity on this alarm system is not that impressive. It can send and receive text messages, and make phone calls and can be armed/ disarmed with a text message, but that is simply not enough in today’s world. We live in the era of Nest thermostats and smart phones. I would like the system to have wifi connectivity and be able to communicate to my smart phone over the internet. I would also like to get an app that can do everything that the main console does (ok not everything but things that I do on a daily basis such as arm/disarm/ check logs and reports). I like to get notifications if the alarm has been triggered. I know I can get a phone call or a text message through GSM, but that requires additional monthly fee for the cellular service. I also know that a call can be made via the landline as well, but I rather get notifications on my phone instead. Having a configuration page for the alarm system (like printers do) would make configuration setup much easier as well. I don’t see why it still cannot be done. They can simply introduce a wireless IP module that can program the main console wirelessly. Once the IP module is up and running it can use the internet connection to communicate with the phone.

    These are just some suggestions and ideas to improve on this system. I am personally happy with the purchase so far and the system works as advertised. It’s just small things that can be improved to make the user experience even better. I am still giving the system a four star rating which means it’s a pretty decent system.

  163. Tommy Cox

    Very easy set up and customization. Went very slow and took my time with every step. Still had the first floor protected in less than 2 hours.

    Mine came with the SIM card already installed, all i had to do was sign on to the website and activate it. $7.99 a month for GSM service.

  164. Julio Suarez

    It did not allow me to re-enter programming mode once set up. I had to reset it. May just be my alarm.

  165. Elizabeth Bennett

    It took a few hours to set up. Working on programing the main unit was the trickiest part. Got a sim card from local T-Mobile store with a plan that cost $3 per month. The system tests out well. Saved big bucks over the monthly maintenance services.

  166. Timothy Alvarez

    I think this is a really good system and I am very impressed with the value to cost ratio. Considering what a monitored system costs and how much money they would charge for the equipment, the install and monthly fees of somewhere in the $30-$50 I think this is a GREAT alternative and you can’t beat the cost. I noticed some of the items felt really lightweight and cheap, but there isn’t much needed for the sensors except a board and a battery to power the device.

    Following the directions is very important and I recommend you read through it before trying to set it up. I really liked how I was able to customize everything I wanted except one thing (I will get to that). I am able to tweak the settings to have certain sensors be on a delayed alarm so I can punch in the code and the siren won’t sound. While other sensors are on an automatic alarm.

    My only complaint about the system which isn’t really a complaint because it is a good thing is how loud the internal siren is. There is no feature to adjust the dB level which I thought was odd. I am working on tweaking placements of the Siren. I have turned off the alarm chirp/door chirp because it was just too loud and drove my dogs crazy. I am starting to experiment with other sirens sold by Fortress and see if they are a better indoor solution for me.

    I STRONGLY recommend putting the main keypad/console in the center of the house somewhere, and buying the additional keypad for the main entrance. This way if the alarm goes off the intruder won’t just rip it off the wall or smash it and then the auto-dial and everything would stop.

    I am very happy with this, even though I am not the happiest about the siren options it is still 5 stars in my opinion. I liked it so much I bought one for my brother who is also really happy with it.

  167. Allan Barton

    This system comes with everything pre programmed, but I found it easier for me to just erase all the ZONE pre programming and start from scratch. I did not need more than four of the door and window sensors,

    You can install the sensors, then use the small magnet part of another sensor to trigger the one you have already installed.

    I set the two door sensors to Zone 1, and set Zone 1 to “DOOR” they work when armed and when in “home mode”

    I set the two window sensors to Zone 2 “Window” they are for skylights only, so they are also set to work when armed and in “home” maode

    I set the two motion sensors to Zone 3 “Hall” (One on each floor of my small house) and they are only on when it is armed

    I set the two smoke alarms for my apartment to zone 5 FIRE and made sure that they were configured to be on all the time even when disarmed and I get a text- this is the main reason that I bought the system was so that I would get a text message if they or the flood meter (below) was activated

    I set the water leak monitor (purchased seperately) to zone 0 and have it set to be on all the time and to text me when it goes off

    I set the SOS switch to Zone 6, and this is the only thing that will actually make the siren go off, all the other zones are set to just text me. I put the SOS switch on the wall by my bed (this sensor did not have a 12v battery that was needed, I bought one)

    I put the smoke alarm in my tenant’s first floor apartment in Zone 9, set to text me all the time as well.

    I have not attached the siren strobe yet.

    All in all, I am impressed with the ease of use, although you should be wary that the adhesive pads are kind of awful and you might want to use velcro instead. I only ruined 2 of the pads and two spots of paint.

  168. Beau Gray

    Perfect setup

  169. Otto Joseph

    Great system, easy to setup a must have

  170. Richard Turpin

    Product is great. Everything worked right out of the box. The sirens are super loud which is a plus for me as we live out in the country. I will be purchasing more door sensors for extra coverage. R. Turpin

  171. Levi Livingston

    Works great, very easy to install.

  172. Edgar Collier

    This device is amazing, and compares really well with the “pay-per-month” home security systems advertised on TV. It’s very modular, and you can pretty much build out any type of home defense system you need. The range of the components is very strong, and my only complaint is that they each use A-23 type batteries, but they are thankfully cheap to come by on Amazon. Mine came with a defective siren 9Volt port on the panel, that I was too lazy to report for almost a year and a half, as they have a 3 year warranty.

    I recently came around to addressing the issue, and the customer support received was far superior to any other company I’ve dealt with. I reported the issue, and they sent a new siren, no questions asked. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the port on the panel and not the siren itself. The representatives, as a bonus, are very knowledgeable on the product. He even stated he cut the 1/8 inch lead off the wired siren, attached it to a 9 Volt battery, and it took around 8 hours for the siren’s volume to drop. Talk about “eating your own dog food”! (For non-native English speakers, that means a company using and testing it’s own products in day to day operations)

    They sent me a wireless siren that plugs directly into an outlet, and that thing will blow out your eardrums, which is more than I expected. The service is great, the product is great, everything is great. As a side note, to utilize the wireless texting and calling capability of the system, I bought a cheap SIM card: “AlarmSIM Prepaid SIM Card for GSM Home Security Alarm System – T-Mobile Network”. The running cost is about 35 bucks or so a year, so for 3 bucks a month, you effectively have a monitored home security system. Keep in mind, you can have it call/text over 5 different numbers, so everyone in the household, as well as other trusted people, can be notified of an “event” occurring.

    I’ve had this system 2 years, with no issues to speak of, besides my defective 9V siren input on the panel, which I opted not to fix. They were seriously going to offer me a brand new panel, but I declined as I was again, “Too Lazy”, and took the wireless siren instead.

  173. Blanche Anthony

    This is an easy system to install. It provides great coverage for my office and workshop which has five doors and two windows. I now have professional security coverage without the monthly fees.

  174. Dorothy Morgan

    I bought this Fortress system, and it works great I can arm this system anywhere by either with a phone call or text. With home armed the motion sensors would not be tripped. But in the out mode, every thing is armed. I love it……great

  175. Ralph Chapman

    Overall a pretty good system. Took a while to get programmed/figured out. Customer service was very helpful. Now the reason for 4 stars….. When you record a message for a dialout, it is very muffled and hard to understand. According to customer service, there is a design flaw with placement of the recording mic. It will sound better if you take the back off of the main panel to record your message. BUT, if you do that it will void the warranty. A CATCH 22 situation. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the system.

  176. Erwin Jackson

    I have had this system for about four weeks. After I got it working, I am very pleased. Getting the system set up was a little frustrating because the printed instructions, which I primarily used is written in English, BY CHINESE! Needless to say the bad grammar, incorrect syntax, and misinterpretation of English words are the cause of my frustrations. Then I discovered the on-line PDF instruction manual on the Fortress Security website. This one was written in plain and proper English. There are also hyperlinks to U Tube demo videos which are a great help. After using the PDF manual, it made much more.sense. overall, I’m very happy with product and would buy again or.add on to current system.

  177. Julia Bell

    Phenomenal value for this type of system. Installation and programming was a breeze (30 mins for 14 windows and 2 doors). The system is prompt in notifying you when an alarm is triggered via call and text. So with T-Mobile for the Sim card. Get the prepaid $10 plan, should last about a year or so.

  178. Keith George

    The system was easy to set up and it works perfectly. Today I received the SIM Card I bought from […] inserted it, programmed it and tested and it complements the alarm system without any glitches. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the electric cable from the console could have been a little longer.

  179. Hoyt Neal

    Probably the very best wireless system on the market right now. Great value!

  180. Chadwick Sharp


  181. Doris Jackson

    Very easy installation for a handy person. No complaints on product quality. Could have it installed and operational in a couple hours. Pick up a prepaid SIM card (T-mobile SIM card starter kit $15.00) and activate it with pay as you go minutes ($3.00/month). Definitely better option to a costly monthly charge from a provider in my opinion. You can add sensors if needed. The alarm is extremely loud!

  182. Rex Hobbs

    Good system good customer services one year still working good

  183. Janice Gonzales

    it works great.pain in the butt to get set up right but with a home security system you will have that

  184. Agnes Larson

    Excellent product. Would definitely by again for my other house.

  185. Ted Webb

    If your wanting an easy DIY alarm system, this is your product. Very easy to setup and use.

  186. Lee Nicholson

    pleased. feel like buying one more

  187. Terry Wright

    Very easy to install! I recommend using sticky back Velcro to attach the sensors to doors/windows. Makes them easier to change batteries. Best cellular service to use in my research is T-Mobile. We did the $10 SIM card which includes 30 minutes for 90 days. You have to remember to reload the card every 90 days! The other plan is $100 which gives you 1000 minutes for a year. That plan is easier, but I hope we won’t need the system to call us 1000 times to tell us we have had an intruder!!!

    Only had to call them once to help us with the system arming and disarming itself automatically. They helped us in just a few minutes! One of the settings was wrong.

    Great product and great company!!

  188. Coleman Mccarty

    Just installed it this weekend… So far so good… Easy set up and programming…

  189. Anna Lee Curtis

    Have had this system installed about 8 months now, and am perfectly happy with it.

    I bought a couple of extra detectors with the kit. The console found the new detectors and linked them in with no problem (those included with the kit are already paired with the console). Wireless connection with detectors is reliable and stable. Two of mine are quite a distance from the console, outdoors on a gate and a garage door, through two walls, but the signal gets through. The door/window detectors are not really designed for outdoor use, but I ran a bead of silicone caulk around the joint on their housings and they are quite happy outside.

    Using it with a cell phone SIM card from T-Mobile. Works reliably.

    Batteries seem to last about 6 months. The door detectors have 2 LEDS — one flashes when the device is signalling, the other lights steady when the battery is low.

    Haven’t caught any burglars yet, but if they appear I’m confident the Fortress will let me know.

  190. Jacqueline Cook

    Most of the kit is installed, still trying to determine where to put the motion detectors.
    Kit was easy to install and bring up. Good instruction booklet, a pleasant surprise since most of the
    equipment you get a one page quick start and thats it.

  191. Ira Nunez

    Absolutely an excellent product with abundant amount of settings that can be tweaked to fit just about any application. I am extremely glad I looked around and did not buy the first system I came across. I would have been very disappointed! This system fulfills my every need, and I have a feeling that I will be buying a couple more as well as encouraging family members to get them as well, because I will have no problem setting them up and installing them. Simply piece of cake! Thank you Fortress Security!

  192. Leonel Michael

    Sometimes when you disarm or arm it works and sometimes it doesn’t, you have to really press hard on the main panel numbers to get it to activate, (which they tell you in the instructions, not to do, but its the only way it works) the remotes they supply in the kits are supposed to work up to 250 feet away, ( Its in the video on the website! ), but your lucky if they work within 150 feet, unobstructed, with the antenna down.

  193. Bobby Rasmussen

    Once we installed it, we love it

  194. Alex Gregory

    Ordered this particular item because I previously purchased an alarm from this company several years ago and had a good experience with it. From what I can see so far, this was an excellent choice too. The one thing that I like the most about this system is the wireless siren that comes with it. I am not a big fan of the plug in speaker because you cant mount it too far from the keypad, and it will blow your ears out if it goes off when you are testing the system. With the wireless siren, it can be mounted away from the main keypad. The one thing that this is missing that the cheaper system had is the opportunity to set certain sensors to chime when a door is opened with the system disarmed. I really wish this had that feature. One of the key fobs that came with mine did not work, but I contacted them and they already have a replacement on the way free of charge. I would recommend this system.

  195. Marty Tanner

    This company is simply amazing and the product is fabulous. I needed help and left my phone number, they called back within 15 minutes. I ahd a question and did the live chat and they helped me immediately. I highly recommend this product.

  196. Alberto Brock

    Just updating this review after having had the system for a while and I think two notes are important to make and one in particular means I am giving this 5 stars as well as the company that sells the product.

    1)I recently added a motion sensor and siren. In so doing I reprogrammed the entire system so I could have all my perimeter areas armed at night but still be able to get up and wander my floors without setting off some of the sensors. The reprogramming was flawless and very simple.

    2)This is VERY important. I had encountered static on my phone line after installation and after debugging isolated it as having to do with the alarm. I contacted Fortress and they asked one question. “If I unplugged the power cord and ran it off the internal battery did the static go away?”. It did and I let them know as such. Next thing I know a “heavy duty” power supply shows up in the mail which resolved the problem perfectly. We are talking about a grand total of 5 days from an email contact to the new power supply. This is impeccable customer service. This product and add on devices are worth every penny.

    This system is normally $189-$199 depending on where you look. I took a gamble on the warehouse used deals and picked this up for 124.88. The description noted a slight blemish on the package on one corner. You could have fooled me. The only way I could tell this kit was “used” is the fact the bags had been opened as well as the box. I presume this was primarily to inspect the items inside as it would appear they had never even been removed from their Styrofoam cradles. Every item, manual, mounting components were there. Even the tabs were in place on the batteries for the wireless switches. Amazing deal for a warehouse used item.

    With regard to the kit I am extremely impressed so far. For the price I could not expect more. Keep in mind I have only had it installed and in use for approximately one day. The installation was under an hour although final placement of the panel has not been decided.

    I have sensors attached to doors with no direct line of sight, passing through three walls, one floor, a metal door at a distance of approximately 70 feet and they work perfectly. The motion sensors are deceiving at first and I thought I was going to need to find a compatible third party. They seemed to be woefully lacking in sensitivity but after mounting and testing for a good 10-15 minutes I noticed that the longer the sensor remained without being activated it tended to work better. My basement is unfinished and at about a 60-70 degree angle off the center of the sensor at a length of 35 feet they can see me moving through several framed walls(no dry wall etc).

    While construction of the devices are more than adequate the panel feels a bit on the cheap side but also adequate regarding the display and key pad. The only part of the panel I think is very cheap is that small protruding plastic tabs on the key pad cover are all that hold it in place. If you are going to be using the panel frequently these are going to wear out and the panel is not going to hold.

    I do not use the GSM feature as my internet and phone are already over wimax but the land line option works great. It is very quick to call and more persistent than a telemarketing firm. The only detracting aspect to this is the voice recording and the menu system are very difficult to understand. The sound if very muffled and tends to garble a bit. Also you are limited to a 10 second message so do not plan on saying much unless you can speak very quickly, very clearly and whomever is called has impeccable hearing.

    Right now I like this enough I have ordered an indoor siren/strobe and will likely be ordering another motion sensor. Perhaps down the road the CO and glass detectors as well. It appears to be somewhat generic on devices hence some third parties should work with it. It might even be interesting to build your own simple devices if using the wired sensor capabilities.

    -Amazingly easy to install.
    -Works exactly as advertised.
    -Price, even at full price, very competitive if not the best on the market.
    -Quality of parts decent for the price.
    -Manual very well done and contains quick and slow start sections.
    -Large selection of devices.
    -Supports both wireless and wired devices.

    -Very poor voice audio quality.
    -Very short voice message capability.
    -Cheap plastic stubs for the key pad door panel retention.

  197. Debra Thomas

    System operates as advertised. Only problems I had setting up the system were self inflicted. I didnt read the instructions as I should have to fully understand the operation. Resulting back to Factory Default is no fun but it will teach you alot. Install the proper way by reading and understanding the instructions.

  198. Lucio Roach

    I recently received and installed this system in my home. This system is nothing short of fantastic! It came all pre-programmed and ready to install. I put in my SIM card entered my contact numbers and installed it. Worked perfect straight out of the box. I have previously worked as an installer of one of the major name brand expensive systems. The Fortress alarm puts this, and other professionally installed systems to shame. The Fortress alarm fills in the security gaps that many of the commercial systems have. Properly planned out and installed and the Fortress system provides the absolute ultimate in security coverage. I had a few questions about the system before I purchased it. I contacted the Fortress support number and they were extremely helpful. This system is worth every penny I paid for it and much more!

  199. Angelo Barajas

    I installed this in an our new home, took less than an hour to setup and install. The siren is very loud. Since purchase, I added smoke alarm and gas leak alarm. I’ll be expanding more accessories as needed. My sim card hasn’t arrived yet and currently connected to phone line with obihai/google voice.

  200. Eloy Strickland

    The good:
    – wireless, no wires to run through walls
    – easy to set up the various components
    – not bound to a service contract
    – Easy option to extend the system with a camera.

    The bad:
    – the setup of the SIM card has been a major ‘fail’. I activated the card, they charged my credit card already, but it’s been two days that I’ve been going back and forth with customer support trying to figure out why the dial in/out feature is still not working (the feature that makes this package “GSM” and costs more than others), and there’s no solution in sight yet. Frustrating.
    – It doesn’t chime if you open a door or window while it is disarmed. I would like to have the feature to know if one of my kids opened a door and walked out.
    – If you arm it when the window is open, the system won’t detect that or warn you about it, and you’ll leave the house thinking everything is secure.
    – Rigid software. In a world where ‘smart’ devices are found left and right, using this software is a throwback to 10-15 years ago. You can’t move a sensor from one zone to another easily, you’d have to delete the zone with all its sensors and add everything back again without the one you want to move.

  201. Gustavo R.

    Exelent equipament !!!!!

  202. Yolanda Carlson

    Easy installation, customer service has common senses, and have not had any issues. I test everything once a month and it all checks out.

  203. Mason Allison

    Awesome alarm system. Easy to install for those that have even a little electronics skill. Louder than expected (and my ADT system) and works flawlessly. Even adding and extra device is pretty easy.

  204. Donovan Hayden

    I bought this system about 4 1/2 months ago. When it arrived, it was well packaged and the SIM card was included. More about the SIM card later. I set up the panel, tested a motion detector and paired it to the system. All was well until I purposely tripped the motion detector and expected the SIM card to phone/text my cell phone. It did not work. So, I downloaded the complete instruction manual, reset the system, went through the setup again and activated the alarm again. No call/text. I worked with the system off and on for about 2-3 weeks and emailed Fortress at that time. They suggested I verify the setup, yada yada. In November I had surgery and so was not in the mood to wrestle with the system.
    One thing about me. I am a 25 year computer systems veteran, including modems, servers, phone systems, etc., so this should have been easy for me. In January, I looked at the panel again. The system was still showing 3 bars on SIM strength but when an alarm was activated the bars went to none. Interesting. I emailed Fortress again and they admitted they were having some issues with THEIR SIM cards and could send me about a replacement SIM. Oh, and they had already charged me twice for 3 months of SIM service as well. It took over two weeks for SIM card to arrive, and another 4-5 days calling tech support and a supervisor to make sure I was not getting double charged for two SIM cards. Bottom line,
    they credited me for one 3 month period but not the other one and wanted another months charge to set up the new SIM card. Not good in my

    So, I went down to my local T-Mobile store, purchased a SIM card with 30 minutes for testing purposes. Came home and tested the alarm system.
    It worked first time just like it should. So, my advice to current and future buyers; buy the system but don’t use their SIM cards. If you have ANY problems at all, go to T-Mobile or ATT and purchase air time minutes that don’t expire for a year. It will save your dollars and hours of frustration with Fortress tech support. I like the system but not their SIM card nor their tech support. Purchase wisely.

  205. Betty Stewart

    This is a fully functional system at a great price. Fortress customer service is the best I encountered. I’d give it four stars except 1) the first panel I got was defective, and 2) sometimes the system has trouble recognizing DTMF tones necessary to control it by phone. However the defective panel was replaced immediately without cost. What makes this a stellar system is that if works with digital phone service. Our old alarm system would not work with Ooma and a GSM panel would have cost another $100. This system works with cellular AND our landline so the redundancy is there and at no extra charge. I bought the remote alarm and extra key fob for the GSM-A system and it is all I need to secure my property. It’s easy to install and despite what others say about instructions I found them very clear.

  206. Rebecca Watson

    I have had this for 1 month now and is the most powerful universal DIY alarm you will find. The plastic on the key phobs,sensors and Control panel feel cheap but work well. Read the reviews comes ready to install , but first lay it all out and ensure all is working, even change settings to get familiar with it, this simple step will save you time in case you have any concerns. Don’t skip this, layout where your sensors go. It is the best you can buy in Self monitoring. Get your Sim card from Alarm-Sim (great customer service) . I had a concern with my unit and they called me back more then once at my convenience to fix it, it was SATURDAY!!! Where are you gonna find that service at? Don’t let any negative comments on any of there products deter you from purchasing a PIECE OF MINE . Sleep easy with this installed. Oh by the way I don’t recommend this but just because the power cord or siren wire is to short , it can be lengthen , but most likely void your warranty.

  207. Nelson Harris

    You can not find easily motion detectors and sensors to improve the system. Dogs sensor prevent does not accurate. With a small dog (20 pounds) system is activated.

  208. Ulysses Yu

    Very easy to install and modern

  209. Reed Lang

    I think you get what you pay for personally. All of the door window sensors have fallen off multiple times so I need to go with another type of adhesive now, also it is true the alarm is LOUD as all get out, lol it’s almost too loud because we have a baby and I try and play with settings etc and if your next to the siren LOOK OUT! I also have issues with the remote key chains and sometimes I have to press the unlock key like 5 times before it shuts off. I think this is an average system now looking at simplisafe and contemplating if I made the right decision.

  210. Jarvis Houston

    Very fast setup. Sure it’s a cheap system and a little quirky, but it gets the job done. One of the motion sensors went haywire after a year and started giving false alarms all the time. Customer support is top notch and sent me a free replacement after a brief troubleshooting online chat. It seems like a rarity these days that a company will actually stand by their products and honor their warranty without a long argument. 6/5 stars for the customer support.

  211. Beverly Sanders

    This was just what we needed. Was a little confusing to install, but after some trial and error it is working as advertised. Perfect those who want a simple security system with auto-dial who don’t have a land line.

  212. Aldo Schmidt

    5 * * * * * system very easy setup with videos online and great customer support. Wireless siren is my favorite which can be mounted anywhere. Highly recommend!!

  213. Zachariah Spence

    So far so good. My only thing is that I wish it had came with a pet friendly motion detector but that was my bad. I should have read more thoroughly before purchasing.

  214. Theresa Hill

    great wireless system will buy again for rental house

  215. Garry Mann

    Security system was very easy to install everything came pre-programmed. Had slight problems with SIM card, called Fortress left a message and received a call back within 10 minutes and got it taken care of.
    great customer service

  216. Omar Haney

    Got this unit for an alternative use. A friend’s mother recently had a stroke and they needed a way to setup a call button/panic button system for their mother to use. This proved to be an ideal solution.

  217. Kenny Leon

    Met all expectations.

  218. Wilton Graves

    This is an outstanding security system. I found it quite simple to install and it works wonderfully. When the alarm goes off, it does send a personalized message first to my cell phone and then to my wife’s cell phone.I used an extension cable to place the indoor siren upstairs in my house while the system console is in my basement. I have not enabled the cell phone aspect of the GSM-A whereby it can call you from its own cell phone number and you can call into the system bypassing any home answering machines to turn it on and off and reset, maybe someday I will. I have it connected to my landline and that works great so far. I would recommend the GSM- A system for anyone that wants a high quality security system and not pay monthly fees.

  219. Robin Simmons

    I am very pleased with this security system. It performs very well. It is easy to install (I did the physical installation of the hardware in a 2100 sf house in about 2 hours). It probably took another 2 hours to assign all the sensors to zones. I love that it calls me. It is true that the hardware is lightly constructed. Best not to drop the sensors or remotes! But for the money it delivers alot! Also, the printed instruction book is very poorly written; almost certainly by someone who speaks English as a 3rd language. The wireless siren would not “pair” with the base unit. I tried everything without success and finally called the phone number released in an online video. The Owner answered and quickly solved the problem. Thank you very much!

  220. Hilton Guerrero

    great production, easy to install.

  221. Nicholas Nash

    As many of you I was between Fortress and PiSector… after reading a lot of reviews I decide to choose Fortress because of the excellent feedback on customer service… and I couldn’t be happier… I’m using this alarm on Nicaragua so it can be used on any country… work with all GSM companies around here with no problem… Siren is loud and work perfectly… I don’t know why people complaint about installing the alarm… it took me around 5 to 10 min to setup everything… the alarm came pre configured so you just need to read the piece of paper that they will sent you with the alarm… I don’t see how people complaint about the poor written manual when there is no need to use it on the first place… I didn’t had to call customer service because everything was explained on a piece of paper that came with the alarm. I just have 3 little complaints about the alarm: power adapter is too short, siren cable is even shorter and the windows decals should have been a little bit bigger…. beside that, great seller, great product.

  222. Marco Mathis

    So far, so good. I’m switching from the original SO2 system using a telephone line to the GSM system. All new components and purchased a TMobile SIM card. Install was very easy since I already had all the necessary brackets and magnets on all the doors as well as the motion detector mounts already installed. What kept me using a Fortress system is the customer service, hard to beat. These folks deliver when you have an issue.

  223. Geoffrey Sutton

    I ordered this system to provide reliable security and save money without having to pay a monitoring service for the equipment and service.

    I Received my order as expected.

    Now as far as the alarm, it’s a five star product in my opinion. The product arrived pre-programmed so it was mostly plug and play. I just set the time, programmed the numbers, etc… I have hooked up the motion detector and door sensors and all of them have connected. The items seemed fairly sturdy (as far as plastic goes). The small size of the siren is a little misgiving as it is very, very loud. I’ve tripped it both on purpose and accidentally and it caused my neighbors to come over to respond to the commotion (they’re sixty or so feet away; which is a major part of why I purchased it. As far as the GSM function, I don’t use a land line or Internet. I went with a T-Mobile prepaid sim for about $30 and recharge it every months ($10 monthly). I live in a pretty poor reception location. However, it calls me and texts me simultaneously to let me know the alarm was triggered and/or disarmed without fail. It also contacts me when the alarm has been disarmed which is good excellent because my wife and I keep different schedules and it eases my mind to know when she’s arrived home safely. Which brings up another point that I love about this alarm, it has a panic button which I have placed in a midway point within my home for my children and her in case of an emergency. The thing like the key fobs also make life a lot easier for all involved as it gives us time to get from the car into the house with our hands filled without setting off the alarm. So on and so on. All in all, this is a fantastic system for the money (so far, so good). I will be buying this product again for use at my business.

  224. Ryan Buchanan

    Great alarm system. Everything works right out of the box. A couple things they could improve upon are: The key fob buttons are so tiny that you can hardly see the icons printed on them. Hard to tell what button to press unless you’re wearing bifocals. Or just memorize the button positions. The other issue is the voice volume cannot be controlled. It’s LOUD. Every button you press on the main unit (by default) has voice feedback through the speakers. Nice but man it is annoying because it’s so loud. A volume adjustment would be nice.

    Other than that, very happy with the package.

  225. Johnie Gross

    Great unit. Took less than an hour to set it up.

  226. Donald Osborn

    Same as descriped

  227. Earl Park

    Our house was broken into a week or so again so we ordered this system. It was pretty simple to install. It took a little time but not to hard to figure out. First the first time since the break in I felt like I could close my eyes to sleep. The day after we finished installing it the people came back and attempted to get in again. However they didn’t come in. The alarm sound and scared them away. Since the system came with 3 fob to activate and deactivate the alarm we were able to set the delay for a very short period of time. They never made it through the door. Only issue we have had is one of the sensors doesn’t work other than that we are happy with our purchase.

  228. Jaime Byrd

    Very easy setup. All sensors synced to system out of the box. Instructions can use a lot of improvement as far as SIM card setup goes. Only reason I give 4/5 is due to lack of options in settings. I wish I could change some of the chime/siren settings for non-emergency situations. Because here is what annoys me about the default setup:

    ~ When you disarm the system, the indoor siren gives 2 annoying, loud high pitch beeps. AND the siren outside beeps too. This is not necessary, and I wish I could disable disarm sirens. When I disarm, all I need is for the keypad to give a couple beeps.
    ~Outdoor siren can be installed anywhere with a power outlet, which is great. I wish this was case with indoor siren. You are forced to install it at keypad, or not at all. I do no need a siren screaming in my face when I’m disarming the system… Let me put it in the laundry room or something. Not to mention, this ends up being another cluster of wires to deal with at your keypad, which if you put by the door, is an eye-sore.
    ~Wish I could turn keypad volume down
    ~Wish I had option for keypad to chime when a door is opened. Just a nice little “beep beep – Back Door”
    ~Setting up Zones is very non-intuitive
    ~Button on keypad could be better quality. I find myself needing to go back and pushing buttons harder when my previous press didn’t go through

    But these are just the slight annoyances I have with the system.

  229. Jayson Hickman

    This product is fine except that less than 2 months after installation the external horn is not working…seems like a problem many has experienced. ..I would definitely like u to replace my external horn

  230. Gregorio Mills

    I bought this for my rental property because it is currently vacant while I’m in the process of selling the house. I had a couple break-ins before installing the alarm, so I wanted something to make noise and alert me. I liked that this system was under $300, and didn’t have a monthly cost. I read many of the reviews and knew what to expect, but overall I’m still disappointed. Below are my pros & cons

    – Set up and installation is easy
    – Everything included in the kit is already configured
    – Alarm does make noise, and call when it is triggered
    – No monthly fees, you only pay for GSM/Cell phone minutes
    – Remote access does work so you can turn alarm on/off
    – SMS text capability

    – Setting up the SIM card was a pain. AlarmSim gave wrong information. Fortunately I read reviews that suggested initializing the SIM card in a phone. Once that was complete it worked.
    – Electronics seem like they are from the 1980’s. Yes wireless is new and up to date, but the keypad and voice is bad
    – Voice from the keypad, or when dialing in is almost unrecognizable. You can barely understand anything that is being said.
    – SMS text worked initially but then stopped working. Even when it did work there was almost a 5 minute delay. If the alarm is triggered you get a call quickly, but the SMS delay makes it useless
    – Dialing in remotely has lots of delay. When I’m connected it asks for the access code input. You press 1 of the numbers then wait about 5 seconds, before it acknowledges the number. Then you press the next number and keep repeating this process for all 4 numbers of the access code.
    – The loud outdoor siren is connected and chirps when the alarm is turned on/off, but won’t sound when the alarm is triggered. Fortress is still working on that.
    – There are other issues such as limited zones, no camera, and old technology (GSM) but I knew about those.

    Bottom line – For my purpose (monitoring a vacant home) this does the job, but I think there are better solutions out there. I definitely would not trust it on my primary residence for the safety of my family.

  231. Dario Robinson

    Fast delivery, everything included and operated as advertised. Tech support excellent also. Couldn’t be happier with this system. Am recommending it to family members.

  232. Donn Gonzalez

    Easy to install. Works great!

  233. Frances Turner

    i got it for 2 friends and they love it a lot.

  234. Alden Hudson

    This alarm system is just okay. It’s not a good system because of its lake of options (many and yet not enough).
    1) SMS alert with any brand cellphone SIM card you can have the system call you when triggered
    2) Use the control panel to speak to intruders or person standing there
    3) Audio voice announcing clearly access entrances
    4) Key chain remotes are a great shortcut accessory
    1) While entering the access entry code there is no way to turn off the sound so whoever is around will know you code
    2)The IR sensors have a very limited range ( the area of movement pickup).
    3) The wireless siren beeps whenever you disarm the system (annoying late nights)

  235. Diane Johnson

    Best security system! Burglars will have their ears blown off! Wireless Flashing…

  236. Donnie Sanford

    Works good and a good investment for the money!

  237. Johnie Madden

    I purchased one of these units and I couldn’t be happier with the product. I work nights, and my wife was nervous to stay home with the kids by herself. After comparing this system to the “big name” companies, it was really a no-brainer.

    With this system, you will get much more secure coverage for a fraction of the cost. The unit comes with ten wireless contacts, and THREE motion sensors. Any of the major remote-monitoring companies in my area came with two contacts and one motion sensor. Each additional window contact was $50-75, and an extra motion sensor would set you back $175, I’m not joking. Fortress, by comparison, sells additional window contacts for $13, and motion sensors for $23 (the system can handle up to 99).

    The ability to call and text out from the unit works flawlessly. I do not have, or want, a $30 per month land-line, and this system has the ability to use a GSM wireless card. There are plenty of options from major cell carriers, but we chose to get a SIM card from, a British-based company. There is a plan with an option to pay only for the calls/texts you use, and our monthly cost has never exceeded $5.

    For using the alarm while home, the siren is excruciatingly loud, and will alert ANY homeowner to an intrusion. Combine that with a firearm which is accessible, and you have excellent peace-of-mind. The system is very sensitive (in a good way), and we have yet to have a false alarm. If you are NOT home, the callout feature contacts you as soon as the alarm trips, in literally a couple seconds. You can then disable the system, listen in via your phone, or even communicate with the wall-unit. Or you can simply hang up and call police immediately. A remote-monitoring system, on the other hand, has a lag time of several minutes before police are even contacted, despite what the commercials would have you believe.

    The ONLY drawback to this system is the generic and clunky look of the wall unit and sensors. If having a sleek and sexy alarm is worth 500-600 dollars a year in monitoring, go with a national brand. If you want a system that does more, and works fine, buy Fortress.

  238. Matt Harrison

    No problems with set up, self programed, easy.

  239. Frank Castillo

    Very satisfied with this system’s performance and the video quality.

  240. Pablo Delgado

    I was looking for an alarm system after my office was broken into. This was easy to install. CAUTION… Only AT&T and TMobile Sim cards work in this device. If you get the pay as you go minutes card, get the 100 minute card that lasts a year. You will probably have to call AT&T to activate.
    The online chat service department was easy to access and determine the card issue.

  241. Hershel Marks


  242. Berry Tate

    I had one False alarm; which I am researching to find why. I will up the start rating or down again in 2 months.

  243. Milan Carter

    Very simple setup. Reliable thus far.

  244. Mauricio Aguirre

    excelente producto recomendado

  245. Augustus Padilla

    for the money it can’t be beat. Easy to install. Love the phone remote access. Nice and loud Already worked once for us and nothing was taken.

  246. Cynthia Bailey

    Bought this for a client whom I did renovations for and they have been very happy with it as it fit the price to features expectations.

  247. Patricia Foster


  248. Jorge Knox

    i think for the money its ok, i would of like to see a DvD instructional video. i also didn’t like the batteries chosen for the unit. these are expensive and not sure yet how long they’ll last. i haven’t run into any areas where the signal is’nt being picked up. i like the three key less entrey fobs. and the easy plug in alarm and flash unit but the cord is to short. i liked the two motion sensors and the many door and window monitors.

  249. Raphael Cannon

    A little complicated for standard person to set up but effective.

  250. Neville Jensen

    Directions are vague; mobile app was hard to locate in the Apple Store. Looks like one of my window sensors may be bad out of the box. While the install and setup went ok, it wasn’t because the directions were clear.

  251. Jacob Love

    Excellent, this product does the job, and its very loud.. easy to install 5 stars

  252. Stewart Green

    all I did was set up the mosition sensors at first, cause I was in a hurry to set it up and leave with some peace of mind. Then came back and started to put the rest of it up. Its easy any dome as* can do, and if not they have a hot line that you call and they walk you throu it 123 and you are done

  253. Felton Roy

    I am not much of a writer, and let’s face it, when a product is good you rarely find the time to write good things about it, when it’s bad you are infuriated and make sure you tell everybody.. I am very pleased with this product I cannot say enough about what a great product and great customer service I have had…

    Before I ordered it , I must’ve sent ten e-mails , to the company and Michael , all were answered promptly and very helpful, one of my questions was after the sale will I still get the same service I was assured I would, and I will attest, I have been getting great customer service.

    I was still hesitant about the product because of its price, comparable alarm systems are from 600 to 1000, but I figured if I open it up and it’s a piece of garbage the return policy was great, So I Ordered the alarm system, came a couple days later, looked just advertised, looked just like the thousand dollar systems. It installs pretty easy, and came with 3M double-faced tape, not like some of the reviews said.

    When I called up customer service for a few questions as I was programming it, I was called back immediately or within a couple hours, I started asking questions about one of the units which was working fine but seemed a little slower with programming, Michael said if you have a doubt I’ll send you a new one no problem , two days later it was there…

    Having this alarm it definitely gives you a peace of mind. And if you lose your mind and forget to arm the system, you can arm and disarm it threw your cell phone, it will also tell you what zone was violated, when the alarm goes off by text message..

    I would definitely recommend the AT&T prepaid sim , the initial layout is $100, as there are other companies that want to charge you ONLY 29.99 TO 40, a year, but you have to remember to send texts and do all kinds of other things??? Every 90 days if you forget you have to start over. You will have to get a new number and you will lose your prepaid minutes. And every year it will cost you the same, to renew!!

    AT&T charges 100, OUCH however the following year, if you only used five dollars’ worth of texts, save Fort year 2014 then that is all it will cost you for the following year, 5.00 according to AT&T you must have $100 in prepaid minutes to hold THE # for the following year..

    Great system, wasn’t hard to program, and you could always call up and get help.
    Nothing like a clear head sleeping at night or leaving your house!!

  254. Kelly J, Underwood

    I purchased this system in August and due to travel schedule did not get around to installing it until just recently. I found that an input digit did not function on the key pad and called their help number and explained that I was just getting around to installing it after three months since arrival. They immediately sent another control pad and then spent almost an hour on the phone with me instructing how to sync the sensors to the new control pad. Ben was very professional in his demeanor during the whole process and was very personable to converse with regarding the product and usage. I am very pleased and will purchase another one of these systems for our winter home as soon as our ADT contract expires in the spring.

  255. Deshawn Medina

    Great system!!!! It does just what is advertised!!! Very dependable, no fault alarms!

  256. Darryl Medina

    This is a great system…easy to install, and more comprehensive than some of the monitored systems. The only problem I’m having is getting reception for the cellular alert system, but I think I can get that working (we live in a rural area with questionable reception generally)

  257. Eduardo Flores

    I looked at three systems: SimplySafe and PiSector and Fortress.

    * SimplySafe: My neighbor has it. The main reasons I didn’t get that one are: 1). cost for the number of sensors (almost double after I bought what I needed), 2). If you decide not to have it monitored, then it’s just a noisemaker– it cannot notify you via text/phone. SimplySafe uses a USB dongle that you program on your PC, and transfer the settings to the alarm by moving the dongle to the alarm base. It seems quite easy. But SimplySafe is simply a noise maker that can only dial one number (the company) which costs $15/month.
    * PiSector: This one is slightly more money than Fortress with similar specs, but the main reason I decided against it
    was reviews stating the company was promising a freeby accessory to 5-star reviewers! I discounted all reviews based on that, and assumed the company unethical. If you can’t trust your alarm provider, what kind of security are you getting?
    * Fortress is reviewed below. I looked at the GSM/Landline version, and the Landline only version, but I decided the extra $70 was worth it since the GSM(cell phone) version also has extra features. I promise I was not paid anything for my review!


    * It works as advertised.
    * the least expensive in its class for the number of accessories included.
    * Extra accessories are reasonably priced, compared to competition.
    * Install was a breeze.
    * It comes pre-programmed in the box (you hang the sensors and you have a working basic noisemaker alarm), you need only enter numbers to text/call. Customizing the features is a little cumbersome, but not overly complicated.
    * I was expecting difficulty in setting up the Cell, but it really was as easy as buying a SIM card, dropping it in, and entering a few numbers to call/text.
    * Even the indoor wired siren is loud! (Louder than my neighbors SimplySafe, and he has both the default one and the “extra” one.) Neither Fortress siren uses battery power, no maintenance, louder. You can buy a battery powered one if desired.
    * While no alarm is perfectly configurable to your need or liking without being overly complex to program, this one strikes a reasonable balance. I was able to do most everything I had hoped.
    * Wireless siren operates independent of the main panel, so if an intruder finds and smashes your main panel, the wireless siren will still blast for three minutes unless disabled by proper signal from the main panel.
    * I have a big house with lots of walls, yet there seems to be no issue with the range of the wireless sensor signals. Range extenders are available.
    * Having Cell (GSM) plus Land line offers great redundancy if either is down or if a bad guy cuts the landline.
    * Rechargable Battery Backup on the main unit if the house power is off or cut.


    * The small list of sensor/zone names is limiting– you have no way of knowing which door/window set off the alarm, only which “zone”. This is the main “bug” in this system.
    * The recorded outgoing message is muddy. The system voice “Alarm zone two” is clear enough, but the one you record “My house at 1234 Main has an alarm” is almost unintelligible.
    * Software is reminiscent of a 1980’s answering machine– though it does work flawlessly.
    * Manual is not fully clear, like it was translated out of another language. (Ditto for the choice of words in the software). Some things you just have to figure out by trial and error. Fortunately, you can get past this easily.
    * There’s no monitoring service, unless you find a third-party provider. My neighbor response time is much faster than police response time where I live, so self-monitor with local sirens is superior for me.

    Some things not covered in the description:
    * The door sensors and key FOBs each take a 23A type battery. These are between $0.50 and $2 each on amazon, depending on quality and quantity. I don’t yet know how long they last, but this seems reasonable to maintain. The motion sensors are 9V tansistor batteries. Included sirens (2) are not battery powered.
    * Buy a 3.5mm (audio) exension cable for the wired siren- you don’t want it near the main panel because you don’t want to announce the location of the main panel, and you don’t want it screaming in your ear if you must disarm after triggering.

    * Standard Three “Home, Away, Disable” modes.
    * Group the sensors into zones (up to 10 different zones, each with up to 10 individual sensors). You get to choose which sensor zones are active in which mode. You can even have sensors active in Disable mode, for instance a smoke detector.
    * For each zone, you also decide whether or not to provide an entry delay. So, for instance, you can have the back
    doors/windows alarm immediately, but have your normal entry doors (garage/front) delay the alarm to give you time to disable after entry.
    * You can make some zones “silent”, so that you are called/texted, but do wake up the neighbors. This might be useful for outdoor sensors, or catching a teenager sneaking out.
    * You can arm/disarm the system through the phone or text msg, though you can only arm this way into Away mode, not Home mode.
    * It has the ability to “listen in” and also “have a conversation” through the main panel when you dial in.
    * You can also buy (at reasonable prices) smoke alarm, flood alarm, and a remote keypad, battery powered wireless siren/strobe, and more.

    (Real security comes in layers, and an alarm is just one part of it. Also consider: a DVR/camera system, and a safe for your valuables. Cameras enable you to see people “casing” your house and other suspicious activity and help in identifying bad guys. A safe is a final layer to stop/slow down someone who gets in. Maybe you forgot to set your alarm, or maybe they “smash and grab” or they bypass your alarm. And of course, never forget good physical security. Lock your doors, and make sure that you have deadbolts that are properly installed. Don’t rely on the latch on sliding doors, use a bar in the gap– I just use a piece of wood cut to length.)

    Insurance deductibles are usually in the thousands of dollars, and they don’t cover everything. Sentimentals are irreplacable. This is really inexpensive protection.

    All in all, this is an honest basic alarm with most all of the features you’d expect for this price. There are some minor disappointments mentioned above, but I would recommend and buy this system again, and give it about 4.5 stars.

  258. Pedro Dixon

    After doing research on a ton of other brands I chose this one on Amazon.
    Took me about 30 minutes to set it up and it works surprising well, all sensors work, its extremely loud in the room its installed. It text me if it goes off an tells me what zone went off and if someone keeps walking around it will continue to send me updates.( I bought a AT&T SiM card for $25 for 3 months unlimited calls/texts.)
    Everything is already pre-programmed you just use some double sided tape and away you go. I’m in an apartment so the kit covered almost every window and door.
    It gives you a piece of mind if you are single/alone and worried about intruders.
    So far I’ve had it installed a week and it has worked fantastic! I would highly recommend this for the price.

  259. Devin Wheeler

    Performed as expected.

  260. Bryant Bush

    easy to install and has worked as expected.

  261. Stefan Santana

    I think this system could be good, if a few things would be added.

    It shouldn’t be possible to arm the system if a window or a door is still open. I am able to arm the system with 1 or all my windows and doors open.

    It should have the option of bypassing a zone.

    All zones should be supervised by the main panel, so it can detect trouble signals, and display on the screen when a door or window is open.

    The signal sent from the door or window contact to the panel does not work all the time. I have most of the contacts within 15 to 25 feet, no walls in between, and I’ve had the system armed, forgot to disarm it, open front door, back door, laundry door, and no alarm has been triggered. After a while, when I closed the doors, and reopen, then the alarm goes off.

    I don’t use the motions because I have a dog in the house, and I definitely don’t want false alarms.

    The GSM doesn’t work in Costa Rica, so I haven’t been able to test that part. I only got the alarm to alert my neighbors.

    The system has been up for a few months already.

    If you are looking for an easy to install high end system and affordable, I would go for the Honeywell L5100 Lynx Touch. That is a serious system that will please anybody, and extremely reliable.

    A panel that will tell you if there is something wrong with a contact, have lots of flexibility, and a lot of different type of sensors. Works great over GSM, phone line, and/or Wi-Fi.

    I worked at DIY Security with exclusively the L5100, and it was just an amazing self contain system.

  262. Kennith Banks

    So far so good. Installation pretty easy, system works as it is
    supposed to work. very satisfied with my purchase.

  263. Sidney Galvan

    It was so easy to install and was exactly what I needed.

  264. Thurman Chambers

    Superb Security System

  265. Garrett Sparks

    I bought this because I want a self monitoring system that didn’t require a phone line or internet. I’m using the ATT pay as you go sim card. I advise you use the sim in a phone that can receive text to reset the web password before using it in the alarm system. I had to use one of the store’s display phone to do this.

    I like the text feature too. It’s easy to setup the sensors with the double sided tape that comes with it. I have one sensor about 65 yards away and seems to be working.

    The buttons feel unresponsive sometimes, but I think it just doesn’t respond because it is trying to dial out or something. I usually just keep trying until I hear the beep. When you do press a button it yells out the number pressed. I had to turn that off so it’s not saying what my secret code (1234) is and now it just beeps.

    I wish it was z-wave compatible, then it would be 5 stars!

  266. Drew Boone

    I installed the GSM-B system about ten days ago and left town for a few weeks. The system was easy to install and test, using just the instruction manual–and when I did have a question I found the tech assistance people to be prompt, courteous and helpful. So far I have had no real or false alarms, although I do keep my cellphone with me just in case. A friend entered and exited my house yesterday using the remote control I gave him–and we talked by cellphone while he did it to make sure everything worked OK. So far I am very happy with the Fortress GSM-B system.

  267. Daron Hunter

    Installed and used more than 6 months now and it works great!

  268. Marion Ray

    It’s difficult to use tape when I have ornate moldings around doors. Also do not have wi-fi hooked up yet so calling cell phone is not avialable. Had concerns about using contacts on aluminum framed windows. It seems to be OK.

  269. Cristopher Bush

    Easy to install and program. The only negative is the adhesive pads. Within a week three of the nine transmitters detached. Fortunately the batteries came out when they hit the floor so we did not get a false alarm. I reinstalled all of them with 3M mounting tape. So far so good.

  270. Eliza Hannah

    So far it’s been great. I’m a single woman that lives alone in a not so safe neighborhood. Easy to set up and I feel completely secure since I installed this system.

  271. Alton Vargas

    Pretty good system. Not sure yet how to activate alarm while sleeping at home and using motion sensors. In other words, you put alarm to on, sensors activated then your 7 year old son gets up to go downstairs and alarm goes off…..hmmmm. You can put alarm to “on” and put in “alarm at home mode” but then the sensors are not activated….not sure if you can rectify…..

  272. Dallas Richardson

    It was easy to set up (you do need to reed the included instryctions, but they are easy)!
    Set up took me about an hour. I did spent 15 min reading the included manual.
    Then it took me another 30 min for the installation of the main unit and all the sensors.

    I used my drill and just drilled all the motion sensors to the upper corners of the walls
    where I needed them (screws are included). Then I attached all the door sensors the all the doors
    using the included 2-sided stickers, and I added pieces of tape just in case the sticker glue doesn’t
    last very long.

    Then I spend another 15 min for playing with the settings of the main unit – I made the settings to my liking,
    including adding phone numbers for both making a phone call and sending a text in case the alarm is triggered.
    I am using an AT&T SIM card. I tested it and it works great. Every time the alarm is triggered the main unit will call the number (my cell phone) and also send me a text.

    For thos of you wondering what kind of SIM card it is using – regular, micro or nano – it uses the regular SIM.
    That info I couldn’t find anywhere online, and only found after I received the unit and opened it.

    Also – all sensors included in this package are pre-registered to the unit. You don’t have to do anything but turn them on and they are already working with the main unit. The motion sensors have an ON/OFF button. The door sensors don’t have an ON/OFF button. You don’t have to install all included sensors, only install as many as you need. If you have some left over (not needed) just don’t put the batteries in them and/or leave them in OFF position. By the way – each sensor comes with its own battery included. If you need extra sensors just buy them separately. Extra sensors do need to be added and registered through the main unit – I added 3 more Motion sensors which I bought separately. Each one came with an instruction how to add it (it’s very easy).

    The unit and sensors are pre-programmed for you so that all door sensors are Zone 1 and all Motion sensors are Zone 2. The unit and remote give you the option to fully ARM it – which arms all Zones, or you can do the so called second option for arming called “Home arm” which will only arm Zone 1 – only the door sensors – you can do that when at home or when you go to sleep. You can reprogram all sensors and zones if you want to, but I don’t see a point, they are already programmed in the best way possible, in my opinion.

    One recommendation – set up the arming time to more time – about 30-40 seconds should be OK for most people; and set up the disarming time to less time – about 0-10 seconds. Most people will use the included remote control which works like a car remote – you will just click on arm/disarm. The remote will work from outside the house – unless you have a huge house I guess and the alarm unit is far away from the door/garage. If your alarm unit is relatively close the your main door/gate or garage door – it should work with no problem with your remote. So if it works fine – just set up the “DISARM TIME” to less time – zero to ten seconds – so in case of an intruder – he/she won’t have enough time to somehow disarm it – which may be possible if they remove the power cord and the battery. And YES – this alarm unit comes with an included and installed back up power battery which should last at least 1 day – I couldn’t find info on that, but it comes with it, which makes the unit power protected.

    You can also connect the unit to a regular phone line, if you have one – a house phone that has regular phone connections. The unit comes with phone IN and phone OUT inputs. You can also connect it to hardwired sensors – I am not sure how that works but the connections/attachment bolts are on the back of this unit. Also in the Manual it offers options for Security companies to add the unit to their system, so it is possible to have this unit with a security company – so long as they agree to use it – I guess in that case you’ll just add their phone number, and when the unit triggers an alarm – it will call them, and then they will call you and they can send a security person to your house. You can program program the unit to call up to 5 phone numbers and text up to 3. So it is possible to program it to call a Security company and yourself at the same time as well. Keep in mind that id you do want to use it with the security company there will be monthly fees with them for the service. Otherwise there are no monthly fees to just use this unit with your own phone number, if you don’t count the SIM card charges (get a pre paid SIM card).

    I added a pre-paid AT&T SIM card which at the moment costs 10 cents a phone call and I believe 20 cents a text message. You can add $10 or $20 to it, and then recharge the SIM card when needed. It’s not a monthly fee SIM, so you won’t have a monthly expense for this alarm unit. With only $10 in the SIM and if the alarm is NOT triggered you may last 6 months and more with that SIM card without recharging it. Unless you add the feature to send you a text message each time the alarm is armed and disarmed – this is an optional setting. You can also turn on/off a feature to remotely turn on and off the alarm via a text message. So if these features are on and used often, then you will need to recharge your SIM card more often, as it will cost you for each text. So keep these things in mind.

    And last – I will mention about the sirens. This package comes with 2 sirens. One is smaller and has to be next to the alarm unit because it plugs in it and doesn’t need separate power cord and the other is bigger – that is a remote alarm, of course it is pre-programmed to work with the main unit – if you bought this package – and it uses a power cord with adapter. So you just plug it in somewhere else. Preferably the main unit and small siren should be installed in one side of the house and the bigger remote siren should be installed in the other side of the house. Some people install the remote siren in the garage, in an outside building – like a second house, or a shed or in the backyard or front yard if you have a power outlet there. Just make it hard for an intruder to find both sirens fast – they should be far apart in my opinion. And YES – both are loud and can be clearly heard by the neighbors even if both are installed inside your house.

    So this is my review of the Fortress Security GSM-B Wireless package. I haven’t needed to call their customer service yet, as everything I needed to do was clearly explained the the manual and I had no problem installing all the parts. This is in my opinion the best and easiest DIY (do it yourself) alarm system which offers many features and optional componetns (you can add glass breaking and smoke alarm sensors to it) and a system that is loud enough and secure enough (uses the most secure cellular networking to send you a text or phone call) and is protected with a back up battery in case of power outage.

    So I recommend it to anyone!
    Buy this system. I did so a month ago (bought it from Amazon) and I can say this has been one of the best investments I have made in the recent past!

  273. Ellis Brett

    So far system is working flawless, extremely well thought out system, does everything you will need and comes thoroughly equipped with all components necessary. Being a technician myself, I am completely impressed with it’s reliability and features. I absolutely love the GSM feature, am using it, and so far no glitches whatsoever. Don’t think I could have picked a better system with such superior quality and reliability

  274. Ben Marshall

    I am so impressed with this system and the customer service! I received my system and went through the set up instructions. They must’ve been updated because others said that they were poorly written, but I found them to be easily read and followed. Low and behold, I didn’t do much except update the time and a few personalized settings! All of the sensors were already coded into the system.

    I purchased a TMobile, pay as you go card. They have different options (from immediately affordable ($25) to $100 worth that can be used over the course of a year). I placed the SIM (full size SIM… They ask at the TMobile store) in my system, chose GSM as the option and it worked perfectly!

    When I was hanging the unit, somehow I broke/messed up something (I still am not quite sure what happened) and my sensors no longer worked with the unit. It wouldn’t recognize them. I called Michael at Fortress Security Store. He went through some troubleshooting procedures with me and it still wouldn’t take a code. He gave me an address and told me to ship my keypad to him and he would fix it or replace it!!

    FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I shipped my keypad, and it was returned to me, fixed and working beautifully, within a couple of weeks! Each time I have called, I have received a response. If I leave a message, he calls back the same day. I’m so glad I purchased this item from Fortress Security Store. I couldn’t ask for a better customer experience. And the Security System is great too!

    I definitely recommend this system and this store!

  275. Clayton Garrett

    I purchased this system for my sister-in-law, after she had been burgled, sense my niece works nights and my sister-in-law works day someone is home most of the time. All in all the system works great, but the owner manual and installation instruction, which came in the box was confusing at best. The on-line manual is much easier to understand, I highly recommend you use it to set up the system. Also locating a simcard was much harder than I expected, so we opted for a VOIP system.
    After I did manage to get the system set up, we tried it out and it worked great, every sensor tripped the alarm, but I am not sure the VOIP system is making the phone calls. I’ll need to call tech support for answers, but they have been helpful.

  276. Boyd Strickland

    I am posting a four star review because the system, although received promptly, was only installed yesterday. It took only about 2 hours to do all of the installation and setup. We have tested and it seems to work fine (with the exception that the alarm seems to be an annoyance to the dogs). I will save my 5 star rating for when I do the first maintenance checks

  277. Shad Drake

    pay for what you get

  278. Jerome Bullock

    I have the security I need now with the system. I can leave the house and know the house is safe from people and fire. I installed it all by myself and had no trouble with it.

  279. Ramiro Soto

    My primary goal was to purchase a system that would help protect my home and family, but without the monthly monitoring fees and
    service contracts. My feelings are that a good alarm system is a deterrent for anyone trying to enter your home and that if you sound an
    alarm before they get inside they will vacate the area quickly. This system was exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to install, as no
    wires are required. I have a fairly large home, so I think I will need another control pad, to make sure every entrance is covered, but otherwise this system worked exactly as described. The control pad is a bit loud when setting the alarm, but that can be turned off if desired.

    The bottom line is that this unit does an excellent job and is very loud when triggered, which is exactly what I want. The ability to contact a cell phone is great too!!!

  280. Orval Adkins

    great set, i just had issues keeping my mounted to the doors.

  281. Randall Coleman

    it is good

  282. Dorsey Foster

    I will start out that the system has only been installed for a few weeks. It is everything you need in a security system that is DIY. Sirens are extremely loud and I like the outdoor siren as you can put it anywhere you want. Customer support has been great. Set up was pretty easy. I did not understand that the sensors were already preset for zones but I deleted them and reset them to the zones I wanted and it was pretty easy. So far we have had three false alarms in the middle of the night. Spoke with customer service and they sent us new batteries. I did not put them in, I simply took the old ones out and recoded the sensors again. I have not had a false alarm since. I will add another review in a few months and increase my Stars if the false alarms do not come back.
    This system DOES work with OOMA VOIP. I have the system set up as follows but i think the key was setting the number that it dials out to in the GSM unit with a one in front of the area code and number and adding two zeros at the end (1xxxxxxxxxx00) I tried it without the zeros at the end and it would not call out. The DSL service phone line from the wall goes into modem, modem cable goes into OOMA internet port, OOMA phone port gets a phone line that goes to the TEL port on GSM unit, OOMA home port gets wire to home router, GSM unit LINE port gets telephone wire that goes to home phone base system.
    It works for me. I was a little disappointed that this GSM system does not chime when a door or window is open, however we can purchase the additional door chime module that plugs into any wall outlet.

  283. Derek Shaw

    A wonderful product and amazing dialog with Fortress support one small issue. Quick shipping and the support folks at Fortress get a 5 Star + rating.

  284. Erick Hodges

    I would wish if they had a detailed manual to help set it up. It took lot of hit ad tries to set up zones properly.

  285. Lawrence Baxter

    Purchased as gifts for Christmas for relatives. Looked at the product when it arrived and read directions. Looks fairly simple to install and operate and actually purchased based on other reviews. Have not installed yet but have no doubt that it will operate properly.

  286. Humberto Franco

    Works great! Extremely easy to setup and the dongles make it easy to turn off or turn on. I like that you can configure the different zones so that you can leave the window alarms on but deactivate the door alarms (if you choose) when you are home. Also, the GMS provider offers a monitoring service … we are not using, but it is nice to know it’s there if we need it.

  287. Michael Ferris

    Overall good performance. Great videos available online for complete set up and troubleshooting. We are using it for security at our convenience store.

    Mike Ferris
    N. Dakota

  288. Wallace Schneider

    I’m still using my system and added the RFID keypad today. The keypad is a nice touch, and pairs pretty effortlessly with the main panel. The RFID keypad is a more responsive keypad than the main panel, and also works with a pair of included RFID fobs that can disarm the system by bringing the fobs within proximity of the keypad. However, the RFID fobs are unable to arm the system — they can only disarm.

    If you need a functional alarm system that eschews the hassles of a wired setup, and you don’t mind not having the latest in high-tech security, then I can recommend the Fortress Security System with a few caveats noted in my review. In a word, it it is a well priced, DIY approach to home security that does the job, but feels slighty behind the times.

    For what it’s worth, I have a 1300 square foot home, single story. I purchased the $269.99 package that came with the GSM Main Panel, 3 fobs, 1 panic button, 10 door break sensors (only using 2 with my setup), 3 motion sensors (also added 4 more by purchasing separately for $24.99 ea), 1 wired siren/1 wireless siren. I also added the $29.99 small flashing plug in strobe siren, and the $34.99 smoke detector. In total, I purchased about $435 in Fortress Security Store gear. My Main Panel is placed in the hallway that leads to my garage, so it’s easy to get to in case the kids trip the alarm by accident. My setup has been active for about 2 weeks now.

    I don’t have the glass break sensors. I also don’t have a pet, which means I can’t say much about false alarms caused by animals activating the motion sensors.

    What’s Good:

    Good value for the money.
    Easy to install.
    Easy to pair new sensors and accessories.
    Inexpensive to add sensors and accessories.
    Motion sensors work as expected.
    Door break sensors work as expected.

    What Can Be Better:

    -System is limited to 10 zones (albeit 10 sensors per zone, or 100 sensors total) BUT …
    -Sensors in the same zone must share the same Home / Away arming properties in the zone. Before I explain the problem, let me define Home Arm and Away Arm.

    “Home Arm” is when the system is on when you’re home. This is how you’ll have your system activated when you’re home, but everyone is sleeping.
    “Away Arm” is when the system is on and you’re NOT home. This is how you’ll have your system activated when no one is home.

    Here’s the problem. Let’s say you have a kitchen with a side door, and you want to put a door break sensor and a motion sensor.

    You DON’T want the motion sensor active when Home Arm is on because it’s not uncommon for someone to get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. However, you DO want the door break sensor active on the side door. Unfortunately, if you don’t want the motion sensors to trip while Home Arm is on, this means the door break sensor must also be configured the same way. In other words, sensors in the same zone must have the same Home Arm and Away Arm configuration. How do you get around this problem? You separate sensors that you want ON during “Away Arm” into their own zones. Likewise, sensors that you want ON during “Home Arm” must alse be in their own zones. But you only get 10 zones. Choose your setup wisely.

    -You can’t rename zones to your liking (the generic label of “door” is fine, but I want to rename it to “patio doors” or some such)
    -10 second voice message is almost impossible to understand during playback from the Main Panel AND when the system calls you. The quality of the recording is atrocious.
    -Main Panel is not modern (with a plastic build quality)
    -Speaker phone from hell (it’s obnoxiously loud; unclear at such loud volume; cuts in and out)
    -Keypad can be better (cheap rubber buttons with unregistered button presses being common)
    -Green LCD display is a throwback to the 90s compared to modern touchscreen displays found on competitors
    -Keypad on Main Panel lacks # and * keys, necessary for certain mobile phone functions (e.g. accessing your wireless account info, adding minutes, etc.)
    -Paired sensors are not easy to determine which zone they belong to, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to pair sensors that are already associated to a zone (the workaround is to arm your system, and trip each sensor and see which zone is being reported)
    -Extra cost for setting up GSM call-out/call-in functionality (currently doing a $10 a month GoPhone AT&T setup but my SMS functionality is not working at all — an AT&T problem or me? And it doesn’t help that the instructions tell you to avoid telling the provider that you have an alarm system)
    -Setting up of GSM SIM card is a hassle (research, purchasing, activation, etc.)
    -Instruction manual could use visual aids; it’s mostly text and can be difficult to grasp. In all fairness, after some experience with the system, the manual becomes more clear.
    -Key fobs look like toys (but work nonetheless).

    What Sucks:

    Unless you have a good sized home where finding the Main Panel would be difficult for an intruder, it can be easy to locate by its beeping when the alarm is tripped. Once located, the Main Panel can be disengaged by pulling out the power, the backup battery (quite easy to do), and any wired sirens, thereby rendering the system null (even to the wireless siren, which requires a connection to the Main Panel). Admittedly, this may be a problem with almost all systems, so it may be a moot point.

    What I don’t know:

    -Battery life of motion sensors and door break sensors. I can’t speak to this.
    -Sensitivity of motion sensors with pets in the house.
    -SMS arm/disarm notification (my GoPhone mobile plan does not appear to be set up properly to allow for this at the moment)

    Questions? Hit me up and I’ll do my best to answer.

  289. Javier Moody

    Took a few weeks to get comfortable with the system. Packed well, as many have already mentioned, instructions are lacking and not well organized. With this in mind, I never had to call customer service for assistance. Main panel easy to use.

    As far as quality, not so sure how long this will last. Plastic is cheap and keypad is sometimes not responsive. Same with remote. Everything just has a cheap feel to it. Only time will tell. Also, not sure why power light has to constantly flash/blink. I put a piece if electrical tape on it. But, you can still see a shadow of the light because the plastic is thin.

    All in all I am happy with the system.It works.

  290. Hayden Herrera

    Purchased for my brother and he is very happy with this purchase!!!

  291. Toney Harmon

    Thumbs up.

  292. Wong Wyatt

    Easy to put up; works well; and has a terrifically loud alarm! Love the hand held remote setting option.

  293. Brent Robertson

    Impressive home security for the price. I just installed yesterday and have the system armed and ready. I added additional smoke sensors which I ordered directly from Fortress. With the enclosed instructions, and once mounted, they installed in seconds. A couple additions I would like to see from Fortress are a home monitor camera with pan/tilt/motion detect and also android/iphone connectivity control app.

  294. Bud Smith

    Great System. Remote access and the system calls and texts our phones if the alarm goes off! Self monitoring even if the telco line is cut- if you use the sim card cell option. Just what I needed!

  295. Tracy Jarvis

    This unit is very easy to setup and all of the wireless sensor units were already pre-programmed into the system. The unit even includes 3M double sided foam tape to allow you to mount the door/window open and close sensors. I am utilizing the unit with my home phone and really enjoy having the unit my wife says it make her feel more secure and safe at night. The range on the panic button is the only thing that I saw kind of varied; however this is due to metal firewalls in our home so any wireless signal can be kind of tricky. All in all great product. I was kind of confused in regards to the recording that you can put on the device I thought that it would make it to where when it dialed out it would play the recording but I think it is the recording you hear when you dial in.

  296. Demetrius B.

    Is there Russian manual?

  297. Lonnie Grant

    This system is great. I hooked the main unit, Magic Jack, wireless router up to my Battery Backup. It calls my cell number when it goes off and even with the power off to the house. Love it and sleep at night with no problems. Love it!

  298. Willy Phelps


  299. Denny Meyer

    The product I like it it’s the second one I buy, the only issue is that the outdoor speaker didn’t work

  300. Sterling Garner

    Something you should know before buying this is that if an animal or kid unplugged this device from the wall and the battery dies you will have one loud alarm go off if it is not noticed, other than that I have had no problems with it.

  301. Johnnie Bowen

    I was looking to replace a land line system with a NO- CONTRACT system I could intall myself. This is it.
    This system works as advertised. There are a few quirks in the manual and programming but READ THE REVIEWS FIRST – I did. I bought the SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card for $8.99 since my location was limited service. It works. I was looking to replace a LAND LINE system with a GSM CELL system. This is it. Buy some A23 batteries as this windows/door sensors need at least 12+ volts for maximum range. The motion detectors use AAA and easily do 100 plus feet from the control console. Expect to have to reprogram some sensors – no big deal. EASY ! The manual is
    well- ok, but “you pays your money and takes your choice” and this case I would buy it again. My previous alarm was BULLET-PROOF. It always called and I could reset it remotely from a LAND LINE. This system sends a TEXT message on what zone is OPEN and can be reset by my CELL phone. Easy, low cost and SIMPLE. FIVE STARS for VALUE and EASE of USE

  302. Sarah James

    This system did not come with the free SIM card and must be purchased. Easy to install and program.

  303. Peter Bush

    This is a review specifically about the 3g/4g VEA system. The system is very solid but you need to read between the lines in the setup directions. The motion detectors have a super small “on” switch directly behind the mounting bracket slot that needs to be turned on before you can activate the sensors. Once you figure out how to set this system up it is a great security system option.

    Update: I fully installed the system today and it works very well, especially if you install a SIM card for a small extra charge. The system will call and/or text you almost instantly when the alarm is triggered. There is an app that can arm/disarm the system from your phone from anywhere. The app isn’t great but it works for basic functions.

    The sensors are supplied with a different zone number for each on the back, this is very confusing. I’d suggest deleting all the sensors as supplied and rebind them in a logical manner ie: put all window/door sensors on zone 1 and all motion detectors on zone 2, this makes it easier to setup the “home or away” options.

    The install instructions are pretty good but there are some things in the setup menu that you will have to figure out by trial and error.

  304. Eloise Russell

    This is worth every penny. The system comes packaged perfectly, and very easy to install. The manual itself is written strangley, but easy to follow. The only complaint, if you want to call it a complaint, is the simplicity of the install. You find yourself questioning the ease of install. I read the entire manual first, after unpackaging, and install took about 1 1/2 hours, start to finish. I was a little concerned about the range of the sensors as I have a 4400 sq. ft. home including the basement. That concern went out the window after install! I didn’t even have to extend the antennas for better reception. Again, awesome system, could not be happier.

  305. Sonny Pollard

    Ez to install and effective.

  306. Woodrow Benson

    If you are looking to safeguard your home without the added fees and charges, this is it. Easy to install, and works 100%. The dial out function and text message feature is really fast. At this price point, it is a good comprehensive package and is upgradable with a host of available add-ons. Highly recommended.

  307. Korey Carr

    I was in need of an extra layer of security since I can’t sit by the door 24/7 and guard the house… After some extensive pricing and reviewing this was the best bang for my buck.

    In comparison to other alarm systems I have seen in peoples houses and places of business the components look and feel about the same with the exception of the old school extendable antenna. It is not in the way or makes it look ugly but one gets a good laugh out of it. I cannot speak to the longevity of the unit since I have only had it for about a week but it appears fairly solid.

  308. Caleb Armstrong

    This my first experience with Fortress Security products. I wanted something wireless that I could install myself, something affordable where I don’t have to pay a lot money for, AND no monthly fees. So far, I’m not dissapointed. I didn’t want the packages offered because I didn’t really need some of the accessories. So, I called Fortress’ customer service line and managed to get a custom package with the parts I needed.

    The system came pretty fast. I received mine in three business days. Everything was well packaged (although each were separated in their own small boxes) The main panel is pretty easy to configure once i familiarized myself with the settings. The main panel buttons are very responsive, the LCD display is very clear but kind of small. The panel was not charged, so I had to plug it in for a few hours before installing the accessories. Before you can set it up you’re gonna need a SIM card.

    My customized system came with 3 door/window sensors, two remotes and the panel. The first thing I realized was that one of the remotes battery and one of the sensors were dead. The second thing was none of the sensors or remotes were programmed to the main panel as advertised. But contacting customer service, they quickly walked me into the whole programming process, which was a breeze. They also offered to send me replacement batteries for the remote and sensor.

    After getting off the phone with them, it took me a while to set up the second sensor. For some reason the system would not link with the second sensor because I set it up as “Zone 2” after several tries I decided to set it up as “Zone 15” and it finally worked.

    The system can be kinda of glitchy. Sometimes the time and date would change by itself and it would not recognize the SIM card. Happened twice, each time I just turned it off and back on again.

    NOTE: The door sensors will not work if you install them on metal doors, or metal window frames.

    According to The Fortress Security website, this particular model comes with an App that could be downloaded to your smartphone. The app itself is utterly useless, it doesn’t work. Apple doesn’t even have it. After calling customer service, I was told to download an alternative App call G18. It’s pretty much the same idea, but it actually works after setting it up. You’ll need your SIM card assigned phone number in order to set it up.

    -Good, courteous, quick customer service.
    -Easy to install
    -You can customize it by adding more accessories
    -No monthly fees
    -Text or call notifications

    -No quality control check
    -System was not programmed
    -Not 4G
    -Main panel can be glitchy
    -The system settings could be better
    -The App needs a lot of work

    Overall, I would recommend this system. If like me, you have a small house or live in an apartment and are not looking for anything fancy. It basically does what it’s made for

  309. Jesse Campos

    Great product, they helped us all along the way….they even called us!

  310. Erica Wagner

    We have always worried about leaving our little French Bulldog at home. Not so worried about break-ins in our neighborhood (though it’s always smart to be prepared), but more about smoke/fire as it is an older home. Also, if there’s a ton of rain and flooding, water can seep back through our sump pit. This would be like a once in 20 year type event, so we do store stuff in our basement and would love some warning to get stuff out if it’s ever needed again. Because we don’t anticipate high use, we had to balance paying $30-40 a month for monitoring by a big name company over the practicality of it. Our Fortress system made it so we didn’t have to make that choice or feel guilty in the event that something could happen.

    Total set up time was about an hour (without motion sensors). Super easy, no hickups or glitches and we had it dialing using our landline initially. We also added the Fortress smoke/fire detector to Zone 5. We tested everything as we went along and everything worked. We purchased a SIM card from H2O and installed it today. Tested it by unplugging our landline and, again, worked like a charm. Our house is about 2500 square feet and we haven’t had any problems with signals or even had to extend any antennas, etc. The fobs are priceless. Our next steps are to mount the motion sensors that came with the set (we tested them with the system already but did not mount them to the walls yet) and add a flood sensor.

    Love the extra options like being able to call or text into the system to check status, arm, disarm, etc. This system is really easy to use and set up and it’s everything we were looking for.

  311. Ken Clarke

    I bought this system to replace an older one for my business. I was paying for monitoring when 90% of the time if the alarm went off I would beat the cops there (I live a mile away)..I felt like I was wasting money. I use this system in conjunction with a camera system so if a alarm get triggered I can go to my cameras quickly to see what’s going on.
    This system seems to work very well….when a door or motion gets triggered it works as it’s supposed to. There are some downsides though….the biggest issue I have had is with the motion detectors. If the motion detector is in a heavily traveled area, the batteries will wear down pretty quickly. Once the battery gets low, you will get false alarms. The detector will let you know when the battery is getting low though, it will flash a white light when triggered. Just gotta keep 9 volt batteries around now, no biggie.
    Note: the batteries that come in the detectors when you buy it stink…replace with some good ones.
    I have not had any problems from the door sensors..they have worked flawlessly. The second biggest downside is with the zone programming. You should be able to name each door alarm or motion sensor in a zone as you like instead of there generic names so you can identify which alarm was triggered. I have solved this issue by each door, motion detector, etc. has its own zone dedicated to it. My place is small so I put one detector on each zone instead of multiple detectors in a zone so can identify which alarm was triggered.
    This system is really good for the price…the remote fobs are awesome and it’s nice to be able to set it with you phone. Little alarm is loud but I did buy the larger additional alarm for the outside. I also added a smoke detector, which works well.
    I would recommend this system to anyone with a small home or business. Good value if you don’t want to give your $ to the big alarm companies.

  312. Nestor Curry

    OMG!! Whoever wrote this manual should be a s***. Hard to believe they aren’t getting the same questions over and over again at customer support.

  313. Laurence Maxwell

    For the price, I like the system. The ability to have the system text messages and accept texts in return is pretty nifty. Connection to an app would be great. The fobs and panic button are nice additions.

    My only gripe is that the sirens are not volume adjustable. While I want to warn off intruders and alert neighbors, at 130dB, I don’t want alert the next county or have to change my sheets when it goes off, particularly if it is activated accidentally.

  314. Alejandro Kim

    With the exception of its intercom/”listen-in”/transmit voice alert feature (muddy and hard-to-distinguish words & sounds on my control panel), this is an exceptional alarm system at a good price. Have had the system operating for 3 weeks). Strong points: relatively easy to install (as good as any system), highly flexible sensor options, cell phone GSM ships with SIM card installed – very simple & flexible setup & inexpensive but reliable cell service. System can call whomever you wish with voice and/or text messages (10–second max). I use text but add phone for alarm. Can text “armed”/”disarmed” status messages: a great feature. Can arm/disarm via keychain remote, keypad, or by dialing system’s cell # and using code. Note 2 types of motion sensors: “any motion” or “pet immune”. Can add fire, CO2 and water/flood sensors. Glass break sensor uses wall power – a disadvantage. Flexible choice of how/whether you configure audible sirens and/or strobes or not. Overall, I highly recommend Fortress after 3 weeks of experience. ONLY weak point is the almost unintelligible microphone/intercom function.

  315. Casey Erickson

    Ive worked in the security sector and I conducted a lot of research before buying a security. This is by far the best value and that doesnt mean it lacks quality.

  316. Wade Cunningham

    This system is really well put together and it worked out of the box (almost, I had a bad panel at first).
    1) The instructions are extremely well written.
    2) Everything is programmed to the main panel already. Programming new devices isn’t that hard anyways, but this is convenient.
    3) The customer service (if you can find the phone number is exceptional)
    4) The range covers my entire hours (and garage).
    5) Support was provided by somebody who really knew the product.

    1) Voice message (you record this) might be a little garbled.
    2) My first panel didn’t work correctly (the company remedied that quickly)
    3) It’s hard to find a phone number to call.

    I had a problem with the first main unit. It wouldn’t always make a call, the voice was extremely garbled, and it wouldn’t answer the phone. A quick call to the company (the phone number was hard to find) resolved the issue. They told me I didn’t really need the GSM model (the service in the area is practically non-existent) so they sent out a new panel (the cheaper version without GSM) and refunded the difference. The new panel worked perfectly plus I got a sizable refund on the downgrade.

  317. Fidel Stark

    Can’t stop coronavirus but will definitely stop intruders lol Feel safe

  318. Chas Houston

    easy to set up

  319. Tomas Brennan

    Despite some people having real issues with the setup and manual, I found it rather straight forward and easy to setup. Perhaps they updated it since then.
    Overall the unit seems fine. When I did a test to see if the call feature worked when I tripped the alarm it worked flawlessly. I received a call faster than my old ADT unit would of by several minutes. Valuable time during a burglary.

    So why only 3 stars?
    Well my issue comes to the chime feature. This has always been a very important feature for me as I like to know when someone has entered my home when I am there and no alarm is set. This unit does not have that feature at all. I have never in my many years of alarm systems seen a system that did not have this, what I would think to be, a very basic function. I thought maybe I had to program that in so after asking on here and realizing that contacting the Fortress Tech Support was the best option, I did that. I received an answer within a business day or two and was told that I would have to purchase a Wireless doorbell from them for an additional $28.
    Unfortunately the unit they have for sale will not work for me as I have a swing door that pushes open from both ways.

    This is a disappointing non feature that I thought one could expect from any alarm unit but I guess not with the Fortress units.

    Just heard back from customer support and it seems this model does NOT have a built in chime. You must buy a separate unit for $28. Unfortunately the design of this chime unit will not work for me as I have a door that can be pushed in both directions. Never seen an alarm system that did not have this feature before.

  320. Domingo Tyler

    I has a lot of features. All of them works OK!!

    Easy to install, just pug and play.

    Great I love it!

    Only one thing, I would like that a kit has some vibrator sensors.

  321. Sandra Robinson

    Excellent System – Excellent Support for Vendor – I love that you can program it to call you first – great purchase

  322. Santos Blake

    Please with it so far

  323. Judith Parker

    Overall pretty happy. Pretty easy to set up, customer support was fast and helpful when I had a problem with my motion sensor.

  324. Gerard Owen

    System was easier to setup than I thought, and I would recommend it to my friends and family. I don’t mess paying for another alarm system I already pay for one at my office and whenever the alarm goes off they call me first before taking action. Why should I pay $40 for someone to call me and ask me if I wasn’t them to call the police…. Just think about it this system not only calls you but it allows you to monitor through the unit and you can decide what you want to do…. As soon as my contract is up I’m buying another one for my office. The other thing tats is so great not having to run wires for phone access because it uses a standard cell phone chip. Which by the waybI add to my acct (ATT) for additional $15 a month .

  325. Ernest Joseph

    Easy installation / easy configration / clear instruction manual / excellent customer support / perfect mobile application.

  326. Irene Allen

    Fantastic product. Super easy to install. Great functionality. So good I expanded on accessories. Had to buy a signal booster even with a small house but worth it for the ease of use. Super loud alarm and I like the fact that I get called if the alarm is sounded.

  327. Casey Noelle

    I am very happy with the alarm system and the customer service is great! I would have given 5 stars but I took off a half star for the fact that you can’t make the alarm stop beeping when you arm and disarm it. It has a voice that can be turned off that says “system armed”, “system disarmed”. The beeping will wake my wife and I work odd hours so it defeats the purpose of having her sleep soundly when it beeps as I arm and disarm it. The only other minor concern is the remote controls don’t seem to have a very good range. You have to extend the antenna to make it through doors and windows.

    Otherwise this alarm is everything that I expected from other reviews. It is so simple to install and get working that about the only thing I needed the instructions for were some programming things like the phone numbers it calls and texts when the alarm goes off. Like another reviewer said, T-mobile has the best deal on a sim card. I would certainly recommend this unit (and have) to others. It is a bargain for security. We had some problems with a rash of break ins in my area and this helps me to have some peace of mind while I am at work to know that my wife and boys will be alerted to a break in. My wife knows how to handle a gun so this is the perfect unit for making sure we are alerted to an intruders presence.

    I looked at simplisafe and others and for the money this is THE bargain in the DIY home security system. Forget about ADT and others that are going to make you sign a long term contract and put in super expensive systems with junk that is not needed. This will do most everything the average homeowner will need. It is just shy of perfect.

  328. Isaias Walton

    System works great. Technical support from Eric was also great.

  329. Luther James

    This is exactly what we were looking for after our house was broken into. The idea of ADT or Brinks or all the rest of the monitored security systems had crossed our minds, but the idea of paying $20-50 a month for them to answer the call from a security system and then call the police seemed like a steep price when we could easily self monitor. That’s exactly what this is. Instead of the notification going to ADT or another security system, the call is placed directly to a list of up to 6 phones. It’s perfect for us as there is no hard wiring necessary the system is COMPLETELY WIRELESS minus obviously the main hub and the outdoor siren. Love the system. It’s been great for us and this in combination with the Ring doorbell has given us a great sense of safety and peace of mind.

  330. Ramiro Novak

    Works perfect!

  331. Colton Randolph

    We like it

  332. Britt Burnett

    Very easy to put. Excelent equipment. Work excelent. Now I dont worry because the alarm call me and I get there fast.

  333. Francis Stone

    I have been using this alarm system for about 2 months now and I really like it. It was very easy to install, program and use!
    I used a Trac Phone Sim card that I ordered off of Amazon to have the alerts come to my phone. I get a text everytime I arm and disarm the system and if the alarm goes off. All the sensors are pre programed so they work right out of the box. The kit comes with double sided sticky tape an the window and door alarms, but I secured with a scew just so they wouldnt fall off if it gets too hot. Probably overkill, but thats what I do. The system is wired but works on the battery when you disconnect the AC adapter.
    If you use the Sim card, be sure to use the GSM card. Im not sure how long GSM will be around but this is a great purchase and will allow me to demand more money front future tenants!

  334. Ismael Richmond

    Well! it came with lots of sensors,, mounts,, pins… both sirens roar to life)))) especially home siren! Everything was preset, preprogrammed, preceded. I only had to find convenient place to mount head device. Stickers made my work easier to install window-door sensors))) I have spent 45 minutes to set everything to work, and it REALLY WORKED!!! AMAZING! especially remote control by the landline ar GSM!! 5 stars.

  335. Cornelius Ochoa

    Everything was fairly simple and straight forward, however I would have liked the ability to modify the preset zones during the setup to make sense for me. The sensors are in one zone while the motion detectors are in another by default. Changing the default isn’t so straightforward.
    Also, when I selected this system since it said GSM I knew it was cellular which I wanted. But in my area, Verizon & AT&T are both now LTE or similar – a more advanced cellular protocol. I had to hook the unit to a home base cellular device from Verizon to enable that functionality. They couldn’t even sell me a GSM chip at this point.
    The good is that everything works just fine and alarms call & text the numbers I added just as expected. Excellent quality – just recommend a more advanced model if available. If Fortress does not have a newer – they need to design their system without locking in on one protocol such that it isn’t obsolete quickly as technology advancements occur.

  336. Palmer Drake

    love it

  337. Joey Gentry

    I had been looking for an alarm system that was more hands on for me. I stumbled across the FORTRESS system and must say that I absolutely love it. I used to think alarm systems were so complicated but realized the opposite after setting this up myself. Everything operates on a cellular network and reacts much faster as ooposed to using a company such as ADT who monitor everything themselves. I strongly recommend this system. Ours works flawlessly and give such peace of mind.

  338. Jake Sanders

    We researched different security systems for several months before selecting the Fortress. It has met our security needs & installation was not complicated but we had a working knowledge from previous systems. We plan on adding a range extender to add more sensors in outer buildings and perimeter. Great system.

  339. Aaron Porter

    This is a very high quality system for a reasonable price. It is a great value as it is very flexibility/expandable having so many options once you purchase the core system. Costumer service is also excellent!

  340. Amanda Clark

    This is a really nice product. I couldn’t be happier. I like the fact that you control the main panel with a key fob or my android smart phone. The indoor alarm is very, very loud. Which I’m sure will scare intruders away. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks now and I love it. I feel very safe.

  341. Emilio Vega

    This replaced an ADT system in the house that we were spending around $60/mo for monitoring fees and was tied to a single phone line only (no cell service). This is now connected to an additional Ooma line ($5/mo for it’s own number) and a Cricket wireless SIM card $25/mo unlimited talk/text. After having it in use for a little over a month I will be shopping around for a better deal for a prepay SIM card that uses AT&T service (best voice/txt service for our house, your mileage WILL vary depending on where you live)

    We’ve so far seen failure of the cell service (auto renewal wasn’t set up like I thought it was so at the month mark Cricket just cut it off) and we were able to dial in through Ooma to arm/disarm and check status. Then within a few days the internet went out so Ooma, of course, couldn’t work business as usual using Cricket.

    All sensors came pre-programmed and I didn’t like how that was set up so I redid everything, set up my zones etc. Very very easy to do. I also added several more sensors which I will review separately later.

    We mounted the main unit in a hidden area far away from any of the entrances and, instead, put remote keypads by the entry doors.

    One thing I wish the system did that our ADT system does is voice announce when certain sensors are triggered “Front door open” “Back door open” this system does not do that as far as I can tell.

    Also when dialing in to the system over the phone line …. When you enter in your code you have to wait for it to read back to you what number you just dialed. Dial 1 “….. ONE” Dial 7 “…… SEVEN” Dial 5 “…..FIVE” and so on. It’s only an issue when you can’t SMS the system or if you want to use the over the phone monitoring.

    One final thing …. You can’t set multiple arm/disarm codes. So your housekeeper, pet sitter etc would need to use the same code or use a keyfob instead. If you purchase the remote panels those can take their own individual code however, but it’s still only one code.

    Other than those nitpicks I’d highly recommend this system. We had no use for professional remote monitoring and it will pay for itself with what we’re saving over ADT. Both of us have our cell phones on us 24×7 and, if we’re out of town with limited cell phone access, we can add our neighbors to the notifications.

    Sorry if this is a poorly written review, my coworker was asking about it and I figured I’d jot my thoughts down fast on here as well. 🙂

  342. Erik Maldonado

    Works great. I did not understand when I purchased it that adding the wireless feature would be an additional expense. I used a ooma to hard wire for my phone which was a little more involved and hard mounded and wired the transformer behind a wall for a more clean install. I was impressed when the rep returned my call about 8pm pacific time the same day. The voice message playback feature to my phone however is almost unintelligible it is so garbled sounding..

  343. Cordell Stuart

    No problems at all.

  344. Teresa Phillips

    Purchased this about a month ago; installed within a few hours (2-ish?), spend the next few hours playing around with it to learn the system.

    Prior reviews on similar systems are correct: the manual is poorly written (I understand I even received the re-written, but yet still poorly written manual) but is still fairly understandable. I found the set up fairly (there’s that word again) intuitive and after a bit of playing around got everything set up the way I wanted.

    Yes, the plastic body of both alarm main housing and components feels cheap… and, although I’ve found alarm main housings that felt more solid, every door/window component I’ve felt by any other manufacture felt just as cheap. Regardless of feel, they work fine.

    After witnessing the prior exchange between seller and apparently a knock-off seller attempting to use the seller’s name I contacted the seller by phone and was pleased with his responsiveness. Didn’t have to take him up on his offer of help if I experienced difficulties, as I experienced no difficulties – but he seemed sincere (despite the fact that a follow up *email* to his Website remains unanswered now 3 weeks after I sent one). My recommendation is contact him by phone as he seems to respond quickly that way.

    The knock-off seller claimed that this system wouldn’t work with cellular service – which has been shown to be untrue: it works fine with T-Mobile 4G (even though it converts the 4G to 2G); T-Mobile confirmed that I should experience no problems for the foreseeable future.

    Purchased a 30 minute card from T-Mobile for ~50 total and cell notifications are working fine (I’ve got it set to confirm arming/dearming and alarms).

    Hardest thing is remembering I have the darn thing turned on as I run out of my house, setting it off — but at least that’s shown me that this system *consistently* works (!@#$ alarm is LOUD).

  345. Damion Hendrix

    Works great and easy to install.

  346. Larry Mills

    This is a DIY very complete kit, however this review is more about the RAPID and EXCELLENT product support I received when dealing with a problem I had with the external wireless siren/strobe not functioning properly. I raised a support request “after hours”, and in less than six hours I was on the phone with Michael who had me check some things and then identified the problem (in less than 10 minutes) as factory incorrect programming in the alarm unit. He arranged priority shipping for the replacement strobe/sirens and provided a free return sticker for me to return the defective units back to him. I received the replacements, checked them and everything was as it should be. BTW this started on a Friday afternoon and was resolved by Tuesday morning with the weekend in between. To say this was Excellent and Professional service would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!

  347. Lincoln Huerta

    is excellent, easy to install, set up and arm, by the time works great, send a text when its arm o disarm, and a call when the alarm trigged, just what we looking for.

  348. Annie Richards

    Set up was super easy – the directions are plain and easy to follow, and all of the sensors and remots were already pair with the control panel.
    The sensors are sensitive (both motion and magnetic), and easy to install, with a very decent range.
    A great product!

  349. Robert Gibbs

    The system setup very easy and everything was preprogrammed out of the box. Pretty happy so far. The only thing that I dislike is the two little white keychain remotes. They need to do a redesign on these things because the buttons get pushed so easy you can not put them in your pocket until your well out of range of your system or the buttons gets hit. Got so bad I threw both in a drawer and am not using them anymore.

  350. Ignacio Castaneda

    Excellent product at great price. Has customer and technical support onlne. Very easy to install. The setting process is very intuitive. The back of the panel has two slots to install a couple of wires as antennas in order to increase the reception of cell and sensors signals. I have had this security system for a month and it has been working perfectly. The setting of the wireless siren can be tricky sometimes, there is a video in the online store to help to set this siren. I have recomended this system to all my friends in mexico city, and all we are very happy wit this security system.

  351. Lesley Sloan


  352. Ashley Matthews

    Over all the product is well crafted for the price, easy to setup and an extremely better deal then some competitors and companies like ADT. The effectiveness of the alarm is as good as your setup. It offers some good configuration options for home mode and away mode… allowing you to have selected sensors active or deactivate depending on which alarm mode is active. Apparently the unit can hold 99 sensors… so if you have 99 ways into your house your in luck!

  353. Merlin Key

    Great system, easy to setup and program and works great. I don’t need to pay someone else to monitor my system when I can monitor it myself.

  354. Mitch Watkins

    Rock solid and far superior to my prior system. A bargain at this price and looks to be pretty reliable too.

  355. Ralph Vargas

    its great prodcut easy to install already comes programmed. Hands down best DIY product for any property owner / renter,

  356. Tobias Aguirre

    Just what I needed for piece of mind when we are out of the house. Works very well!

  357. Graig Horn

    I am really happy with this product. Easy to use easy to install. And works as advertised

  358. Keith Horton

    I’ve had this system for about a year and a half and it’s been good overall. I had to add key pads, panic buttons, smoke detectors, motion and door/window sensors as we have over 30 windows and doors on 3 floors. The cost has been right around $1000 total. I’ll list a few of my experiences that stand out.

    Within a couple of months batteries in window sensors started to die. They last about 6 months in general regardless of how much they’re used. They’re not cheap to replace but I buy them by the dozen on Amazon for $11-$14 per pack. They have a warning light that is supposed to let you know the battery is low which may light up for a week or a few hours so you can easily have a dead battery and not know it leaving you vulnerable.

    I have a barn I use for storage that I put motion sensors in but it was too far from the house to get a consistent signal so I had to install a booster which cost another $60 and works well, however I kept getting false alarms. I put in trail cameras and found that birds fly around in there at night and trigger the sensors making them pretty much useless. Something to consider if you have a similar situation.

    The manual that comes with it is garbage and clearly written in China by someone with poor English and totally inadequate in it’s instructions. There is a much better version online that is thorough and I printed out but it’s pretty long.

    I put the main panel in our upstairs bedroom so if the alarm goes off at night I can see which zone was penetrated and act accordingly without having to search the entire house, this also keeps it away from likely entry points when an intruder can find and disable it quickly. The system is preformatted but you can modify it which I did, however some of the options they give you are not helpful. For example you can name up to 10 zones but they make you select from titles such as “balcony, hall, boundary” etc. Many don’t apply and some of the titles I’d like are not available (like barn/shed, garage, upstairs, kitchen, basement, office, etc). I would prefer to be able to designate for example zone 1 “office” and even name each sensor “window” or “door” in order to pinpoint the problem area instantly in a sudden, middle of the night high stress situation. They don’t give that option nor do they let you type in your own name for each zone title. It seems to be set up more for a small house or apartment with only a few sensors and not a full size house. Sure you can add sensors as I did but you can’t specifically identify each one from the main panel once the alarms goes off which partially defeats my reason for having the main panel in our bedroom. That’s important to me. Bottom line I’d like more zone capacity, the ability to either choose from a larger list of names or better yet to type in my own name for a zone and the ability to specifically identify each sensor. I guess the important thing is it lets you know there’s a fire or intruder and lets the intruder know he’s been detected, I’d just like a little more information that could save a life by knowing exactly where the problem is in a home with more than a couple of rooms.

    If a window or door is open when you set the alarm the alarm will still set and you can close it without setting off the alarm which is all good but it would be nice if it would tell you when you set it that a window/door was open in case you missed one before leaving or going to bed.

    Customer service has been great. Quick, thorough, professional responses to every question I’ve had.

    The motion detectors work well and I haven’t had false alarms even though we have 3 large dogs. Their batteries are still the originals.

    I put in a SIM card and tested it and it worked but I honestly haven’t used that feature much. The signal is very weak as we have a metal roof that hinders the reception/transmission. I installed an antenna but it didn’t really help. That may or may not be a big issue for everyone but is something to consider.

    The system was easy to install and not hard to program except for what I’ve described. It’s given us peace of mind and is a critical element to our home protection. Even though we live in a good, semi rural neighborhood I don’t know how we slept at night before installing this. Together with good locks, motion sensor flood lights, dogs and adequate last resort protection this system is just what we wanted although still with room for improvement. If there is ever a break in it may save our lives from a violent encounter by giving us an early warning and it may prevent the encounter altogether if the intruder flees thus saving us a world of legal issues making this a good investment.

  359. Bryan Pitts

    simple but works perfect

  360. Kathleen Martinez

    Great product. I wish the numbers on the keypad were more readable but otherwise I am very pleased with the product.

  361. Dino Bonilla

    Great Do It Yourself alarm system, really easy to install., and any other sensor needed can be bought any time.

  362. Mickey Mckee

    I like the simplicity of the set-up and the peace of mind it brings to our family.

  363. Kory Hinton

    top notch company and alarm. love it.

  364. Freddy Travis

    After weeks of research on security systems we decided on Fortress Security over Simplisafe and other similar self monitored systems. Fortress was the most affordable and included the most equipment for the money. In addition there was a promotional 15% off of our order. Shipping was pretty quick which was a plus because our home was recently burglarized.

    We received the system and began the install immediately. We chose the total security option and have 10 sensors, 3 pet motion detectors, 3 remotes, a couple of rfids, an indoor siren, an outdoor siren, stickers and the main panel. Setup was easy and the system was already synced to the main panel. The only issue we had was with the indoor sirens. The indoor siren lost sound on the first day, the second one we received did the same thing, and there were no directions on how to setup the indoor siren we received on the website nor in the manual. Fortress gladly sent us another model of siren which worked like a charm and it’s been 1 week and it’s still going strong.

    We are able to arm our system while on vacation now and query the system status incase we’re unsure. We can remotely disarm the system when a guest is going to walk in.

    In case of an alarm we setup the system to text and call us and just call 911 if we are unreachable. That way we can call 911 if needed.

    The system sends us a text within 3-10 seconds after the system begins to alarm. Then the system goes on to call us within 1 minute of an alarm. It calls once then moves on to the next phone number in the system. I wouldn’t recommend setting up texts for everyone on your list or they will be texted every time you arm, disarm, or make any communication with your main panel. So only my husband and I are setup to receive text alerts.

    911 is the 4th or 5th number called for our system. We had a false alarm and the police were here pretty fast!

    Sirens are loud enough. The outdoor black siren instructions in the manual book did not work. We looked on their website, there was a video and those instruction did work.

    All sensors and motion detectors work great and alarms as they’re supposed to after some adjusting the motion sensors work perfectly.

    Overall, I recommend this security system as it has proven it’s reliability.

  365. Ricardo Santiago

    This thing is amazing. I have had it for about 8 months now and have yet to change any batteries. Great range that covers my house and two out buildings perfectly. Great value.

  366. Harris Rosario

    Great product, easy to install and setup. Great support from service techs.

  367. Kent Page

    Thanks for the fast delivery in this chaotic times. Excelent quality. A very reliable product. Very simple to Install. Very Professional Look. I reprogrammed by myself all system and is very easy and Intuitive

  368. Donna Cox

    Feels secure with this alarm. Never had a false alarm. Very easy to install and set to preference. Love the call feature where several numbers can be set up to notify others if there is a problem.

  369. Kyle Melendez

    Very easy to install and good customer support. Anybody can install this alarm in a few hours and works as advertised.

  370. Normand Mcconnell

    must use AT&T for cell phone product support is very good will get additional motion detectors easy to use and set up

  371. Carol Henderson

    does the job

  372. Cesar Wells

    Extremely easy to use. When you purchase in a kit all of the sensors are ready to go out of the box and synced with the control panel. One motion detector wouldn’t power on, Fortress Security simply sent a replacement free of charge. Very easy company to work with and the product is spectacular for $280.

  373. Mary Peterson

    Very pleased so far. Very versatile. In case you are wondering, it will run for weeks on a car battery.

  374. Doyle Floyd

    Easy install with batteries! Battery life depends on how much you use the door or window where you set it. I replace the main door about every 6 months. Bought the pre-paid SIM card and set it up to call me then my wife. It also texts if the call isn’t answered. When you answer the call you can hear through a mic. It is not the clearest sound but is effective. You can reset it or turn it off from the phone. This thing is saving me 50 bucks a month because it took out the middle man

  375. Dexter Frazier

    The package arrived in a very timely manner. Understanding the system was a bit confusing at first for a total newbie at security systems because the handbook doesn’t show images and explanations of all the components, and it doesn’t explain the concept of zones. It became a breeze, however, after watching the online videos. They are excellent! Setting up was really easy and fast after that. Only had to drill four wholes to attach the control panel and the outside siren to walls, everything else worked well with the supplied sticky pads. Both sirens are very loud, and the phone alerts worked without a hitch when tested.
    Since this is the first security system I ever had I can’t compare it to other products but so far my experience is very good. Good quality, easy setup, works fine, great value for the price!

  376. Dallas Rios

    Thank for reaching out to me guys! I was in dire need of this system during this lockdown phase. Fast delivery. Excellent as described and installed in 2 hours complete

  377. Raphael Solis

    Great product, reasonable price. Thanks for the coupon.

  378. Berry Campos

    If you have pets, set the motion sensors little higher or it will keep triggering the alarm.

  379. Lynda Paris

    Easy to navigate but improvement needed to make options available at front.

  380. Jane Alexander

    Faced some issues setting up door sensor, but finally got it right. It’s worth the money spent compared to other systems where you have to constantly worry about monthly payments. atleast 1 less thing to worry about. Recommended

  381. Trey Vargas

    Everything works but the siren was too loud for me, i asked for smaller replacement yesterday ticket # 30926 please update

  382. Jerry Schneider

    Product received as advertised. The sales guy was nice on phone, even gave the discount voucher. Thank You

  383. Greg Rangel

    Perfect for pet house protection, motion sensor keeps me updated.

  384. Lewis Carrillo

    Great value at affordable price. discount helped a lot thanks

  385. Jospeh Villegas

    Easy and simple. Quick setup. Nothing much to worry about. Motion sensors work just fine.

  386. Maritza Fernandez

    Great company satisfactory product sales rep was good excellent customer service.

  387. Jaime Shaw

    Ordering was easy but arrived on 12th day

  388. Josh Pollard

    Thank you

  389. Eddie Black

    very helpful staff

  390. Patrick Ryan

    Sales representative was nice to guide me through the order process. Received the package nicely packed and quickly. Linking all components wasn’t that complicated, took me two and half hours to complete. Diy unit at its best.

  391. Gladys Williams

    That siren looks small tiny but deceivingly loud omG my ears. good luck intruders, i have found a solution to make you go deaf amen

  392. Samuel Simmons

    Not bad for my outhouse. Works alright

  393. Kristopher Chan

    Easy ordering process no appointments or installation teams to arrive very quick shipping

  394. Malcom Cochran

    Easy to install, received within 15 days. Everything took 2 hours to setup.

  395. Carolina Hamilton

    Best experience, no lies, no catch, no bs by the company. what they said is what i received.

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